Monday, 26 March 2012

Would you leave the house with out makeup on?

I actually don't leave the house without some kind of makeup on, even if it's only concealer to cover my dark under eye circles. Some people call it been vain, i call it careing about how i look. I don't want to step out of the door looking like a mess. Who would want to?

It might take me a while to get ready, normally an hour, but that's because i care how i am presenting my self to the world.

Most people take time to make sure they look good before leaving the house, other people don't. Those that do might spend time planning an outfit, trying things on to make sure it all looks good.
People do judge you on the way you look, so it's only natural that you would want people to have a good impresion of you based on the way you look. Like they say first impresions count. When you go to a job interview you make sure you look presentable so the person interviewing you doesn't think your a slob, who would want someone working for them that can't even take the time to at least wear something nice. It's basicaly the same in everyday life, no one is going to be interested in you if you don't look decent.

If there is a slobby looking person and a neat looking person, who would you go talk to? The neat looking person right?

You may say you don't judge people on the way they look but face it while you're walking around the streets you are seacretly judgeing people on what they are wearing. You might think something along the lines of what the heck is that person wearing?

There is no shame in taking pride in your apearance.

I like to look good for myself, not just for others. When i'm out i'm always looking in mirrors to make sure my makeup hasn't smudged or something like that. Am i vain? To some i proberly am, to me i care how i look, to me i am vain only for that reason.
Concusion vain people care about how they look. Unless it's people who just like to look at themselfs haha.

Are you vain? Do you care about how you look?

Okay that was kind of a weird post.

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