Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Creepy Cat | Outfit

Kill Star Third Eye Crop Top, Harajuku fashion
Kill Star Third Eye Crop Top, Harajuku fashion,

 The other day it was so warm i had to bring out one of my favourite crop tops. This one is from killstar and it's so adorable yet creepy at the same time. More than likely this will pop up some more in photos. This is a basic outfit as i threw it on to just go to town and eat. Of course it had to be mexican. These shorts are pretty comfy, so much i forgot i was wearing high waisted even after i ate so much food.

| Outfit: | Top - Killstar | Shorts - Primark | Shoes - Converse |

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Summer Dreaming | Shorts

Summer is here and easy to throw on outfits are called for. Short shorts and more shorts, i say that yet i live in my shorts all year around. There's nothing more i want in summer than to wear my crop tops and highwasted shorts.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Pharaoh Hound | Outfit

Egyptian pharaoh dog print, Illustrated People Outfit,

Egyptian pharaoh dog print, Illustrated People Outfit,

 I can't get enough of this top at the moment. It's so adorable. When i saw it i had to buy it there was no doubt about it. It's by the brand illustrated people which often do cute, cool looking items. 
The Egyptian pharaoh dog print is what attracted me to it as ancient egyptian things have always interested me ever since i learnt about them in primary school. 

I figured i'd carry on the cute feeling with some cute heart mock thigh high tights. That and the only time i get to wear them is the weird time between spring (which is so cold and windy) and the hot summer days. 

| Outfit: | Top - Illustrated people | Tights - Ebay |

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nails | Seventeen Colour Clash

Seventeen Colour Clash Review
 Seventeen Colour Clash Review

I was looking though my nail varnish the other day and non appeiled to me, so when i was in boots i had a look at buying some new ones when this stood out to me. This is a nail effect and normally i don't like these as they don't seem to work all so well. But this one does. The picture above is the effect just pained on as you usually would with normal polish. Normally you have to do some weird blobbing to get enough of the effect. 

This one is In The Surf. I'm going to have fun putting different colours under it.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Wishlist | Quick Post


Since i have the shopping bug i figured i'd put together a wishlist to tie me over until i can actually go shopping. I'm in need of a huge shopping spree but knowing my luck once i get to the shops there won't be anything that i actually want to buy.

I do want some dungarees so i'm on the look out for some black ones that fit perfectly on me. Other than that the only other thing i need are some black converse. Last time i bought some i get them in red, not very practical and don't go with everything. For example i can't wear them with my green flannel and i love that flannel. Wis

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lazy Work Outfit

 I've been wearing this oversized t-shirt a lot lately. It's the perfect length for a dress and i can also wear it at work. I'm sure i posted an outfit with this top not so long ago. But i figured i'd show you how i wear it for work. Everything is simple but the shoes stand out as they're metallic. 

| Outfit: | Top - Tkmax | Shoes - BooHoo |

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Japan Planning | Skull Dress

Skull Dress Outfit

I just recently bought a white dress with skull print. Mine is from H&M but is quite similar to this one. I decided it would be a good thing to take to Japan as i can just throw it on. My brain is in plan outfits mode even though i have months to go.

I wore the dress out the other day with just a black hoodie which looked cute and i got complemented on the dress. It's an easy thing to wear but i'm not used to dresses as most of the time i feel uncomfortable in them and feel to girly. Half the time i don't actually feel like a girl so i can only wear them when i am happy in them.

As it's a simply dress i kept it pretty simple with accessories but ones that also popped. Like the circle choker and halloween socks because it's never to early to wear them!

This will be a serious of posts for a short time to help me plan.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bag Essentials | Quick Post

Bag Essentials

These are a few things i always have to have in any bag. If i change bag for one day i make sure i have these with me. To be honest the bobbles are on my wrist at all times as i have the no snack ones that also look cute as braclets, but i also have those clear elastic ones in my bag.

A Brush is a must as my fringe goes everywhere so i need to tame that things when indoors. My new one is that strawberry one and it comes with a mirror so no more looking at my phone.

Eyeliner is always there as sometimes i don't leave the house in my contacts and put them in at work. Or just feel the need to top up my eyeliner if i've been out for a long time.

Lipbalm is everywhere for me. I lost track of how many i have as i have one in almost every bag and jacket i own. Not a bad thing i guess.

What are your bag essentails?

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