Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dyed my hair orange and a hair cut

Finally I got around to dying my hair orange. I've had the dye sitting in my room for months. It doesn't come out very bright on the photos but it was. It was only a temp hair dye so its almost washed out now.
I also went for my hair cutting. I don't think these photos quite show what my hair is. But I got a lot of short choppy layers. I can no longer tie my hair up as it falls down since they layers are so short. The layers stop just above my chin.
I am using my tablet to post this, so the photos aren't the best quality and I have no idea if this post will work. Last time I tried on my phone it failed.

Friday, 22 March 2013

A day out shopping at the new place - Trinity

 The new shopping centre Trinity in Leeds opened yesterday, (which is the first photo i tuck it with my phone, i do intend to go around with my camera in the future though) so i went to go do some shopping, i was hoping to get some more cardigans, but every shop i went in had non. The spring summer clothes are currently in the shop even though it's still like winter here. It's currently snowing right now. Which is annoying. I can't wait for summer i've had enough of the cold for now.

I did manage to get a few things though. I popped into pylones which isn't in the shopping centre but i love the shop so i went in on the way back home. I couldn't help but buy the glasses holder to make my vanity space look better. It was only £8. I also got the chopsticks because i needed some new ones. They where £5. Unfortunately the site is all in euros. I could easily spend all my money in there though.

Also got some socks to layer over leggings for a pop of colour, they came from new look. 3 for £4 isn't to bad a price i guess. The Dorothy Perkins water i got for free from the shop which is inside the shopping centre as well as new look.

I tried macaroons for the first time too. I did not like them at all. I don't see what all the hype is around they. The vanilla ones didn't taste of vanilla at all. I wouldn't be buying them again.

 Last i went into boots to pick up some essentials i had ran out off. The three products under the water i actually got for free. Boots were doing a raffle and if you entered you got the goody back for free. The products together are worth about £16 so i am super happy about that.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Beauty Buffet Facemask Review

This is another of the facemasks my friend sent me and i love it. It's a Taiwanese brand, I've only tried one other Taiwanese brand which is my beauty diary. Which i did a review on here.

This mask is supposed to:
Help stimulate collagen regeneration
Improve skin elasticity
Reduce fine lines
Leave skin firmer and smoother

It differently left my skin feeling firmer and smoother. My skin feels soft soft soft. To see any signs of it doing the other things it claims I'd have to keep using it to find out. I'd say this is one of the best facemasks I've used. I'd love to buy it again, but I'm not sure where to buy it from unfortunately. I'll have to make a trade with my friend for some.  The sheet it's self if thin which is normal with Asian sheet masks, which i like as the product is absorbed into the skin better.
I posted a photo of me wearing it on twitter here.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

B. Pure Micellar Water Review

I bought this a while ago. So I've had time to test this out. It's from superdrug's new B range of products. Which i did a post on here. This is the only product out of the range that i have tried

This is what is claims to do:

  • Cleanses - Removes impurities and makeup.
  • Tones - Restores pH balance whilst keeping the skin supple.
  • Refreshes - with cucumber juice extract.
  • Ophthalmically approved.
  • Dermatologically approved.

  • What i can say is this is amazingly good at removing makeup. Anything that i have missed with the makeup remover this picks up. It does have a weird smell to it, which i can't place. It doesn't smell like cucumber which it has in it. It doesn't say it's fragranced. I can feel it working on my skin, it's kind of a tingly feeling, not irritating. My skin does feel softer after using it.

    Days when i'm super lazy and just want to flop in bed i use this as a makeup remover, as i feel it does a better job. Over all this is amazing and i will continue to buy it from now on.

    Photo isn't mine, i tuck it from the superdrug website but edited the background to transparent.

    Tuesday, 12 March 2013

    I'm waiting for you spring

    This is the stylenanda top/dress, i think it's supposed to be a dress but to me it's more of a long jumper. I actually can't wait to wear it in the spring with no leggings and some acsessorys. I will miss wearing my scarfs though. But since it's started snowing again in england it looks like spring isn't coming for a while.

    Scarf - Ebay
    Cardigan - H&M
    Dress - Stylenanda
    Leggings - Primark

    Friday, 8 March 2013

    New In | StyleNanda

    I don't normally post when i get new clothes, but i'm excited about this as it's stylenanda and i love their clothes. They are a Korean brand. I managed to find it new on ebay, which i am so happy about. Can't wait to wear this.

    Thursday, 7 March 2013

    Music Tag

    I finally got around to filming this. I had to retake it quite a few times as i was so awkward and my voice was so manly. I managed to make my voice sound more girly lol. I first saw it on Daisys And Dr Martens's site.

    1. Favourite band/musician of the moment
    2. One band you always come back to
    3. Favourite movie soundtrack
    4. What is/are your favourite song(s) of all time?
    5. Most embarrassing song on your iTunes
    6. Top 3 most-played songs on your iTunes
    7. Favourite concert you've attended
    8. Most underrated musician in your opinion
    9. Favourite quote or song lyric

    I didn't answer 7 because i've never been to a concert.
    If you do this tag leave a url in the comments section.

    I was thinking, should i do more vlogs?


    Tuesday, 5 March 2013

    Same same different.

    Same star top, differen't hoodie. I couldn't help but show this. It's cute with it's little ears. I have a weakness for anything with ears on. I own a 5+ items on clothes with ears on. This hoodie is actually quite warm. Will be perfect for throwing over tshirts in the spring. I had to layer still today.

    Hoodie - The label says joy joys, but i found it on ebay.
    Top - CuteJapaneseFashion
    Leggings - Primark
    Shoes - ShoeZone

    Saturday, 2 March 2013

    Vanedo Beauty Friends Facemask

     This was one of the facemasks i was sent by a friend. So please ignore the writing on the front, she thought she would be funny by writing that. 
    This mask is supposed to deeply moisturize the skin. 
    It has left my skin feeling soft and moisturized, my skin does feel slightly firmer.
    Overall this mask is quite good. I'll be looking to buy some more online.

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