Monday, 30 June 2014

Black and Man Shirt | Outfit

Womens man shirt outfit
Womens man shirt outfit

 I had to get these photos taken by my mum, safe to say they're not very good but she does her best and I'm happy with that. I wore this when the weather had a dip and wasn't very warm. So much for it been summer time. I soon have a photo shoot with this same shirt. I say photo shoot it was someone i know who has a better camera and has photography know how.

Who says women can't wear men's clothes? This is a man's shirt and i like wearing it. I bought it just because i wanted a red flannel. Also it's not very often you get to see me in my glasses.

| Outfit: | Shirt - Men's NewLook | Top - Primark | Shorts - NewLook | Boots - Primark | Glasses - Specsavers |

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Jersey Outfit

Jersey Outfit

Jersey Outfit

Sorry for the quality of these photos. There was no lighting around this area and it was quite dark when i took them. I did however edit them so you could at least see the outfit. I finally got around to getting a jersey and I'm sure I'll still be wearing it in a few years time. I don't throw any of my clothes away unless they break.

| Outfit: | Jersey - Primark | Shorts - New Look | Cat Socks - Asos |

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Forever Want | TUK Kitty Shoes

Sometime last year i did a series of posts called Forever Want on some shoes i've always wanted and hope to own one day. Well this year i'll do some posts too. I've added to my forever wants even though i still don't have any of the others. I am soon going to start saving for possibly the cheapest out of them all. 

I can't help but want these and need to add them to my cat clothing collection. They're just so cute and tough at the same time. They are so very much my style. I have a weakness for cute things. They will go with a lot of the clothes i own since first they're black and second most of my clothes are black. I will own a pair one day! TUK please keep making them until i have enough money. They're around the £50 mark but they seam to be very well made.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Cheap Monday | Outfit

Oversized T-shirt outfit

Oversized T-shirt outfit

Sports socks outfit

Such an easy and comfy outfit. I love wearing my oversized t-shirts this way as it looks a little like a dress. Of course i had shorts under it. I had been loving wearing my denim shirt, i don't wear it a lot as i don't find much to wear it with. But i think i may have figured out some more outfits with it for the future. I added the socks to this outfit just so it wasn't as boring, i think it takes the outfit up a notch. Of course that's not a real tattoo, i haven't got one yet.

| Outfit: | Denim Shirt - River Island | T-shirt - Cheap Monday | Tattoo Tights - Ebay | Creepers - Barretts |

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Get To Know Me Tag

I just noticed i'd never done any kind of get to know me tag so for today i thought i'd do one.

1. Are you named after anyone? - No, no one at all. My mum said she always knew if she had a girl she'd call her Emma. 

2. When was the last time you cried? - I don't cry often but it was the other day for reasons.

3. Do you have kids? - No.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? - Of course! I'm a kind and i think loyal person. 

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? - I guess. Don't most English people? I don't know really know if i do or don't.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? - YES! I want to anyway. But knowing me i'd get all strapped in then change my mind. I do that a lot, i'm an indecisive person with some things. Right now i can't choose between two phones.

7. What’s your favourite cereal? - I don't eat it so non. Or can i say Granola?

9. What is your eye colour?  - Hazel

10. Scary movie or happy endings? - SCARY MOVIES! I don't know i just love them, currently i have a friend showing me a bunch i haven't seen yet. If you know of any good ones please do tell me :)

11. Favourite smells? - Cinnamon, Vanilla. I'm not too picky with smells, i like sweet smells and i also like woody smells. Wait is woody smells a thing?

12. Summer or winter?  - SUMMER! I hate the cold! I still do like winter but i just hate how long it is. I don't like been cold.

13. Computer or television? - Computer. I can do everything on here and to be fair i don't really need a tv as i can watch the stuff i like on my laptop. I hardly watch tv shows anyway and it's just there as background noise.

14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? - HAHAHA London. Yeah i've never been outside of the uk.

15. Do you have any special talents? - Non at all. Unless you count sleeping, i can sleep all day.

16. Where were you born? - Where i live. Leeds.

17. What are your hobbies? - Do i have any? Listening to music, doing my blog. Getting lost in dramas and Marathon them.

18. Do you have any pets? - Yes i have my adorkable baby Sam. Here is how we got him and why. And here is just some photos of him.

19. Favourite movie? - I don't have one. I like a lot of movies but i don't have a favourite. I'll list a few i like;

*- The Grudge
*- Battle Royal
*- The Unborn
*- Gothica
*- Azumi

20. Do you have any siblings? - Nope. Non at all.

Well that was the tag, i hope you liked it. I know my answers are little i'm not very good with answering tag questions. 

If you have anymore tags do tell me them please ^_^

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Cat Dress | Outfit

Korean style how to wear cat dress

How to wear cat dress

Korean Cat Dress Kstyle Outfit

Black Jelly Shoes

One of my favourite items of clothing that i don't wear enough. It's just so cute and bold i think. I have a thing for clothes with cats printed on them. You'd think i'd be a cat person but no, i'm a dog person and i love my squishy dog. There is just something about cats that look good on clothes.
I wore this a few weeks ago when it was still a little cold. I figured i'd post it now since it's not as warm today.

| Outfit: | Cardigan - Primark | Dress - Ebay | Jelly Shoes - Primark |

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Topshop Wish List

Topshop wishlist, wants

 Thought i'd have a little look on the topshop website and while i was there i figured i'd make a wish list of some things i kind of what. They don't have much in at the moment that i want. I edited the background on the photos so it fit with my blogs theme, i didn't do it perfectly, sorry :)

But i need the ice-cream print sleeping t-shirt, in case you didn't know i LOVE ice-cream so i need that. Floral isn't something i normally like or go for, i only own one thing with floral print and that's some leggings, but i liked the dark colours of those floral shorts and figured i'd be able to wear them with a few things i already own. The lilac denim shorts i want because i don't own a lot of clothes with colour and i don't like bright colours, so since they're faded i thought they would be perfect for me.

The slip on shoes would be perfect for summer and they're flatform which i adore. Giving me height without the pain of heals, yes please! The tank top because i need more like it for summer and it's just so very very me.

Are you wanting anything from topshop at the moment?

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Shopping Outfit | Video

Same post but had to re-post as the video didn't work on the page, sorry.

Another quick video and this time it's an outfit. It was nice and warm that day so i could walk around all day in shorts and a vest. I did have to wear safety shorts under the denim ones as they are a little cheeky. Anyway i hope you enjoy this video and please subscribe to my youtube :)

I'm also going to add the video at the end of this post too, in hopes that one of them will stay.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Patch Work | Nail Art

How to do patch work nail art.

Some nail art this time around, i know it isn't very good but it's the best i could do. This is patch work nail art. It's simple to do. If you're any good at nail art this won't take as long as it did for me. I must say the top coat i used made this nail art last days! Even with showering. It's the Rimmel London nail nurse. 

Steps to patch work nails:

1) Paint base colour
2) Paint on square patches, they will be the patch work.
3) Outline squares with black lines.
4) Add dots onto patches.

I hope you liked this short post, i don't often do nail art and just paint my nails a simple colour. But that time i decided to try something different. It was a lot of colour for me since i normally just paint my nails dark. If you have any nail art that is simple please do leave a link in the comments :)

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Skulls and Pugs | Outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

 I finally got around to wearing my pug tights, they're just so adorable! I like how pug faces landed on my knees, sometimes with lights the image doesn't sit the same place it does in photos on the shops website. They are a little long and i did have to keep pulling them up, but that doesn't really matter much to me. For me this is quite a bright outfit, just because there isn't really a lot of black. Which in case you didn't know most of my wardrobe is black. It just suits me so well. Thankfully it's warmer now so i no longer need tights, which makes me happy and also a little sad since i love my tattoo tights.

| Outfit: | Denim Shirt - River Island | Top - NewLook | Shorts - NewLook | Tights - Asos | Creepers - Barretts | Rings - Ebay | Snake Midi Ring - River Island | Sunglasses - River Island |

That's a lot of the things i actually own from river island in one outfit.

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack Review

Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack, Japanese Beauty Review

Today I'll be reviewing this Daiso product. In case you don't know Daiso is basically the Japanese equivalent to our £1 store, but sells much more and even their own range of stuff.

What it says:
Hyaluronic Acid makes your skin supple and shiny while you sleep.

I've been using this for a little while now and i do actually like it. You apply it before you go to sleep then when you wake up you just wash it off. It says to use it three or four times i week, but i've been using it when i think my skin needs extra help and is feeling a little too dry. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. It isn't the best product for hydrating the skin but it does it's job. It leaves the skin smooth and it actually doesn't make you shiny at all. Using this along with my moisturiser is the best way for me. I would buy it again and i do recommend it. Hyaluronic Acid is supposed to be anti-ageing according to the Internet, so there is that bonus as well.

I bought it on ebay from a Japanese seller but i can't remember who that was.

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