Saturday, 21 August 2021

DIY Horror Jacket | Nightmare On Elm Street

DIY Horror Jacket, DIY Nightmare on Elm Street Jacket

During one of the lockdowns we had, i decided that it was a good time to revamp some of my old clothing. Even though i haven't had much chance to wear this denim jacket that i added a DIY "patch" too, thanks to the warm weather. I love how it turned out and when it comes to autumn i'll be wearing it a lot.
This jacket is already on its 3rd owner, it was my partners brothers, which he gave to my partner. He didn't wear it so i "stole" it and gave it a lil makeover. He likes nightmare on elm street too and so would also wear it. 
All i did was get a tshirt i didn't wear and cut a rectangle around the print and simply hand stitched it onto the back of the jacket. Yes my hand hurt so much after and i didn't have a sowing machine at the time, but it was worth it. A simple change but it will be worn more now. I might add more actual patches to it later, if i find some i like.

I did another jacket too, that wasn't horror film related and i'll do a post on that also.
Have you DIYed any jackets?

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Outfit Ideas | Ad

New stylish solid color lace-up elastic waist off -shoulder stretch pleated dress
Black off the shoulder dress, peasant style.
Black Slip Dress with Small Dragon Print.

For these i'd style them simply with some white boots so they will stand out. A few necklaces layered, a few shorter silver ones together.
Butterflies print micro-elastic velvet sling slit night club style midi dress
Black strappy midi dress with butterfly print.  
For this butterfly one, i wouldnt add to many accsessories. The print reminds me of 90s and 00s and i'd let it stand out alone. I'd throw it on for a bbq or to run to the shops as it doesn't need much to look good. You can throw it on with some slip on shoes and walk out the door as it is.  

Currently i love finding pieces that i can throw on without much thought.


New lace spliced stretch sling sexy bodycon dress
Black slip dress, with white lace trimmings.

With this dress i'd put on a black chiffon coverup, either one that sits above the dress or a long line one for a more dramatic effect. 

I'd add on my white boots and sunglasses to match with the white trim.

For necklace i'd add my cameo brooch style one on its own so it can stand out. As i'd want the necklace and dress to be the main focal point i'd put on some simple plain dangly earrings.

Plus size 3 colors summer new fashion letters printing stretch loose dress
Black off the shoulder maxi dress.

And finally because i currently love to read in the garden, if the weather is nice and not raining. 
I'd wear this as it's comfy, easy to move around in and lounge in.
If it's sunny it keeps the sun off you while still keeping cool. If it gets too hot i'd pull it up and knot it at the side to make it shorter. 

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Monday, 19 July 2021

Wicked Fox - Reading In The Sun | Outfit & Mini Book Review

We all know it's currently to hot to think about what to wear.

Lately i've just been throwing on the same few tshirts and light trousers. The baggier the trousers the better.

I do prefer to wear tops that i can just knott at the side, that way i can decide how short i want the top and if it gets chilly i can just pull it down again. Though i do love crop tops and they're great for this heat!

I've been wearing this High Priestess of Witching It tee so much lately. Its lose, baggy and very soft.
No brain power for thinking of what to style it with, so i just put on my pentagram earrings and chain belt.

I was reading Wicked Fox and i loved it. If you're a fan of K-dramas then you'll probably like this too.

Set in Seoul, Gu Miyoung is a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who must devour the energy of men in order to survive. If you know anything about korean folklore you've probably heard of a gumiho before. I remember watching a k-drama in the past with a gumiho. I think it was called my girlfriend is a gumiho.

The book kept my interest for the most part, it was pretty fast paced to start with. It did lul in the middle a bit, but it picked up again. There's a cute love story without it been over the top and too squishy. I'm not usually one for romance stories. It's well written, easy to follow and enjoyable, so much so i bought the second one when i was only half way though this one.


Thursday, 19 December 2019

5 Very Last Minute Gifts

helloemski gift guide

Christmas is fast approaching and we all sometimes forget a gift for someone.

Here is 5 gifts that are cute and easy to pick up.

1) Book lamp from amazon.

I've bought this for myself since it gets pretty dark after work and the lamp I have in the living room isn't the brightest.  This is a cute little book that opens into a light, it has different colour settings and is bright enough to enable me to read a book comfortablely.

2) Himalayan salt or crystal tea light holder

They're pretty easy to pick up in shops, however both of mine did come from a Christmas market, if you have one near they'll more than likely have a few. They're perfect for the crystal lover in your life, they look nice anywhere in a room.

3) The Body Shop Japanese face mask

The Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask is great for anyone who loves a good face mask. As it's in a tub instead of a sheet mask it was last then a while longer and who doesn't want to get rid of the pollution from the day.

4) DrSalts bath salts.

These come in a few different types but I have the sleep therapy one as it's a lovely lavender smell which is relaxing for bedtime. I've used this a few times now and my body does feel a little more relaxed than a normal bath. I picked this up in Tesco but I think Holland and Barrett also sell it.

5) Christmas reads

Both of these are full of short stories set around Christmas time. I'm halfway though both and I'm enjoying them. Not every short story is great but they're enjoyable non the less. Murder at Christmas is a selection of crime stories and The twelve strange days of Christmas is a selection of supernatural stories, they're spooky and fun.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Three Quick And Comfy Summer Outfits

Outfit: | Top - Pulp | Shorts - Monki | Boots - T.U.K | Bag - Killstar | 
Band tshirt and shorts is the easiest thing to to wear, not much thought has to go into it. I paired it with the rose back as the slipknot writing is in red and I thought it matched well. I've been knotting all my tops lately to make them cropped and I don't plan on stopping. I do need more band tshirts in my life and I've been looking but I'm not liking the ones I've seen so far.

Outfit: | Top - HMV | Dress - Primark | Bag - Resstyle | Shoes - Killstar | 
Got to show my love for horror even in the summer. Paired the tshirt with a mini vest dress as its quick to throw on, though with this dress I probably would have tights on as it's quite short.

 Outfit: | Dress - Boohoo | Belt - Restyle | Bag - Banned Apparel | Shoes, Sunglasses & Necklace - Killstar |
This dress is just so flowy and comfy that I will be wearing it a lot during the summer months for work. As it's pretty plain it will go with everything. Throw on a little jacket and I'm good to go.

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