Monday, 27 August 2018

Three Summer Outfits

Three Summer Outfits;
I get very lazy with most outfits in the summer as i just want to be comfortable and not over heat. Though it still includes all black and "spooky" things such as bats.
These are a few outfits I've warn this summer.

The first one is what i like to call my fancier summer outfit, mostly because i think this killstar top just looks more put together.

| Outfit: | Top - Killstar | Skirt - H&M | Shoes - Iron Fist |

This outfit is my casual run to the shops mid-afternoon on a weekend. It has bats all over the top which i love, and i keep buying items with bats on, how many tops with bats do i need?
The shorts i wear all the time and are just simple lace black ones. I threw on the kimono as i'd had a little sunburn from a week before and didn't want to make it worse.

| Outfit: | Kimono - Boohoo | Shorts - Tesco | Shoes - Converse |

The final outfit is my lazyday outfit.
It was way to hot and humid the day i wore this, i couldn't be bothered to figure out what to wear and this is baggy and lose and kept me from over heating. Where the laces are there is tiny holes which also helped keep me cool. I just threw it on and knew i didn't have to do much else to make it look like a good outfit, though i did regret wearing the boots, but most of my shoes are boots.

| Outfit: | Dress - Killstar | Boots - Primark | 


I am now looking forward to autumn and i'm glad the temperate has already dropped, though i do have a bbq planned for next week so i hope it doesn't rain on that day,
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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

DIY Walk-In-Wardrobe

DIY Walk in wardrobe

When i moved into my home there was a cupboard that would have had very little use to us other than a dumping place, it would have end up cluttered with who knows what. So i decided I’d turn it into a walk in wardrobe. Saying that makes it sound like a big space but it isn't really. I started by painting the walls grey as i wanted a neutral colour to go with the clothes and create a minimalistic kind of look. Then fitted some carpet that was left over from my parents house. There is a high up part to this cupboard which is higher than a step. That part i installed a clothes pole, which actually happens to be a shower curtain rod. Once the clothes are all hung up it makes no difference what the pole actually is. I arranged/ordered my clothes starting from crop tops to dresses so they would go in size order. I did this so i could fit a small shelf bookcase under the crop top section to create more storage. Which stores some jumpers nicely and the bottom section has a black box insert that contains the very few trousers and leggings i own.
 On the bottom half it was just wide enough for me to put a set of draws under the window. These i use for items that are heavy such as jumpers and didn't fit on one of the shelves on the bookcase i used. The ones in the draws are the ones i wear least often. The rest of the draws contain items such as socks, tights and some t-shirts. I used a scarf to cover up the top of the old looking draws I’ve had for many many years, i plan on buying a different scarf to replace the one currently there as i want to wear that one. However it will do for now as i originally had a black skill scarf on there but it didn't look right to my eyes. Both i already owned. The small box with the pins in was used to hold junk in which i decided to give a new purpose of holding the pins so they didn't get lost, i added an old top into the bottom of it which i think i won't wear in the near future to create some height and keep them somewhat in place.

 I used a cork-board as a necklace holder which i had done in previous rooms. More can be added to this as i buy them. It makes it easier for me to see what i have and see the length to match with my outfits. The boarders to this were originally just wood which i painted with left over garden paint my parents had. The back of the door as a clothes rack on it for cardigans which was just laying around in the house.

The final thing to finish the walk in wardrobe was to install a light as it didn't have one. This was done by my dad with a light fitting he had. He ran a wired around the door and out onto a switch on the landing as there isn't one in the wardrobe.

Overall i didn't have to buy and spend much money on creating this as i either had items already around that weren’t been used for much or used left over items such as the carpet.

I bought a tin of pain at £10
Electrical items around £5
Shower curtain pole £5
Ikea bookshelf £12?
Shelf box insert around £3

I can always add more storage in the future in the form of ottoman boxes that can sit under the clothes, or add a shelf to an area that i won't walk into such as above the necklace hanger. I've arranged it like this to hold most of my clothes, the ones i wear most often or i like the most are in this small room. The rest are in the bedroom which hold items i only wear for work or clothes i share. There is no shoes in here as they are stored on a shoe rack in the hallways. Over all i really love what I’ve managed to with this cupboard and over time i can add more decorations etc. It didn't take to much time to do in all and didn't cost much. A walk in wardrobe to have my clothes on display and easy to see is something I’ve always wanted and I’ve managed to do it by DIYing a cupboard that had no use.
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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Witch Casket | Febuary

February's box is here and i'm in love with it, the theme this month is self love and i love that it's purple instead of pink. The first thing i noticed from this box when opening it was the super nice smell, which was coming from the Vander incense sticks.

I can't wait to use the self love ritual kit, everyone needs to love themselves as much as possible.

I'm only on my third box but i think i might have found a subscription box that has useful stuff for me. Unlike beauty boxes that have stuff i'd never use.

I love that every month i get a small crystal, i'm always wanting to buy more to add to my collection and this is a great way of doing it, this way i can discover crystals i would have never thought off.

The charms, rituals and spells are great as i'm new to those kinds of things and don't know much yet, so getting one every month from a practising witch is great and helps me learn new stuff. You may or may not believe in them but it's still nice to carry around the charms, last month's self mark charm/spell is still currently in my work bag as it was to reduce negative thoughts. I'll use the self love one when i'm not feeling my best and have a pamper day to go with it.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Witch Casket | January

 I signed up to Witch Casket which is a monthly subscription service. They sent you witchy items such as crystals, insense, tea, spells and charms. Sorry for these bad photos i totally forgot to take pictures of this one in january and these are all i had.

My favourite items from Januarys have to be the sugar skull spoon and the insense as it smelt divine, though i'm not sure what the smell was as i've used them up. I haven't used the beanie yet and even though it's super cute i might end up selling it because it isn't black :)

Febuarys casket will be up soon and will have better pictures and descriptions.

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Two Cosy Winter Outfits

Some days I don't feel like putting yo much effort into getting dressed and just want something cosy and comfy to wear. This is mostly for days when I know I won't be out of the house for to long.
I've worn both of these outfits in winter and haven't been cold thanks to layering.

For this outfit i layers a long sleve top under the jumper to keep me warm. Thankfully it wasn't a super cold day so this kept me warm. Along with the scarf and leg warmers, i also had arm warmers under the jumper that you can just about see popping out. I've found that wearing arm warmers somehow always keeps me toasty warm. The tights i'm wearing are also ultra thick knitted ones that i always wear during winter and they keep me legs warm.

| Outfit: | Scarf - Gift | Jumper - H&M | Tights - Primark | Necklace - Killstar |

This outfit keeps me warmer than the last. I've layered a jumper under a hoodies cardigan, the day i wore this it was cold and it kept me warm enough. I've worn this combination quite a few times and one of them was in the middle of december. The tights once again and thick knitted ones which keep my legs toasty warm.

| Scarf - Primark | Jumper - Punk Rave | Tights - Primark | Bag - Restyle |

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