Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bad Hair Day | Outfit

     | Outfit: | Hat - NewLook | Scarf - NewLook | Leather Jacket - Present | Checked Top - Ebay | Shorts - Asda | Shoes - NewLook |

 This has to be one of my favourite outfits at the moment. I'm obsessed with this hat and i've been wearing it so much. I managed to get the last one but i think they have now restocked it. But other places are selling it if you want one. I think asos is. Don't quote me on that though.

The checked top is lined so it's super warm, as are the tights. Which makes me happy because i hate the cold and moan a lot about it. If you could as my friend she would say i say i'm cold too much.

These shoes are also super comfy and i could walk in them for hours. Not very practical in the rain though, as they are canvas. I love that they are platform since i'm short and i can't wear heals because they hurt me too much. And everything just looks better as a platform.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Did you get anything nice?

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How I Spend My Christmas Tag

Thought i'd do a Christmas tag since it is Christmas eve after all. I even took that photo for this tag. I like how it turned out.

1) – What are you usually up to on Christmas Eve?
Nothing. I will probably wrap some pressents and watch tv with my mum and dad. But other than that i don't do anything. Boring right?

2) – Who do you spend your Christmas day’s with?
My mum, dad, dog, grandad. My grandad normally stays a few days after until the new year.

3) – Do you enjoy GIVING or RECEIVING gifts?
Both. I love seeing peoples faces when they open what i bought them, but i also love getting things. Who doesn't love getting things?

 4) – What does your outfit consist of on Christmas day?
 MY PYJAMAS! Well my Pyjama fluffy dress thing. It's an alternative to a onesie. Or i might be in that. I don't go anywhere christmas day so i have no need to get dressed.

5) – Do you enjoy shopping for your loved one’s gifts?
Of course, it gives me an excuse to shop. I love shopping. It's always hard as i never know what to get for anyone, my mum and dad are the hardest to shop for. They are so picky.

6) – Have you ever received a gift that you disliked and pretended you liked it?
I don't think i have. People tend to buy me things i want or need. I can't think of anything, but theere probably was at one point, but i would never tell the person anyway. At least they thought of me and that's what matters.

7) – What would your ideal Christmas be?
I like my christmas as it is, it doesn't need to be anything more. But maybe seeing my friends on christmas would be a nice alternative. But other than that i'm happy spending it at home sat next to the fire.

8) – What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
There isn't one. What's not to love about christmas? Everyone is a little happier. If i had to say one... It's probably wrapping the presents, i hate that it's so boring.

9) – What is the best gift you have ever received?
I couldn't say. I love eveything i get, but so far this year it's a CD of the GazettE from my friend, yes we opend them early.

10) – If you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? (Other than family)
Like i said earlier friends, because it would be something differen't and nice.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

HolikaHolika Petit BB Cream Moisture Review

 This is the first Holika Holika product i have used, they're a Korean brand. I must say i love this BB cream and it now might be my all time favourite, until i find others. The packaging is cute and in my favourite colour purple, my photos don't show that too much because of the lighting.

What it says:
Moisture petit BB helps make skin smooth and glossy by improving dry skin condition with Hyaluronic Acid. Makes skin youthful while effectively protecting against UV-rays.

  • Moisturising Effect - Clean Skin tone's maintenance
  • Elastic Enhancement - Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Improvement
  • Smooth Skin Texture
  • Hyaluronic Acid moisturises the skin and enhances elastic fibres with collagen and supplying nutrients to the skin cells. 
 As you can see this one from their Petit range is for dry skin, that's why i bought it since i have dry skin. It really does help with it. When its applied it leaves my skin nice and soft as well as hydrated. I notice the dryness on my face disappear. My face doesn't look greasy or shinny. I don't think it's a matte finish but it kind of looks like it, but that could just be my skin. I love that it protects against UV-rays and the colour isn't too dark for my skin, as you can see in the picture about. It's not the best match but it's okay.

The coverage is probably light-medium but i don't use a lot of product anyway and for me it lasts all day. You can't notice that it's on your face which is a good thing.  The only problem with this BB cream which isn't for me, but for others is that it only comes in one shade. And it's quite fair. Not the fairest of BB creams i have though.

I've been using this since i bought it a few months ago and i love it, the tube will last a while and i probably will buy it again once i run out.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

This Love | Outfit

     | Outfit: | Hat - Primark | Jacket - Mum's | Top - Primark | Jeans - Primark |

Sorry this was the only photo i managed to get of the outfit as i was in a rush that day. This was a very warm and comfy outfit. Boyfriend jeans are so comfy and perfect for lazy days. I did have to wear tights under to keep my legs warm, my ankles did get cold. I should really turn them down but it tuck me a while to get them even. I know other people wear boyfriend jeans with heels but that's really not my style and i don't like it. Others can pull it off, but if i tried it i'd fail.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Guest Post | Anime Thoughts By Charlotte

 A differen't kind of post for today, brought to you by my friend. I hope you like this. I too like anime but it's been ages since i last watched something. Anyway here is what she has to say:

What to say about the animes I like, well the first thing to say is what i like in an anime. What I look for in an anime can be summed up to 3 elements; 

Epicness; i need to feel like the walls are going to crumble, the stars will fall and the world will end in a anime fight, it has to be epic! 

Humor; i need there to be super daft fun moments, there has to be some comic relief, its not anime if someone doesn't get silly at some point. 

Heart; i need to feel for the characters, and there has to be a moment or two that break my heart, and animes are masters of that, the unexpected soul crush, it shows how invested you are when you cry when their world crumbles around them. 

Now I'v said what i like in an anime ill say a few I'v watched that have delivered. 
Inuyasha; this one hits all the marks, how the protagonist gains strength to beat the ever stronger enemy, the pure humor and fun that's in most episodes, and the way it tugs at the heart, either in the main love story or all the other moments of pain, Inuysha is one of my most loved animes. 

Bleach; bleach is very similar to Inuyasha, but it does miss a core love story, but makes up for it in more epic, and unsuspected heart moments. 

Puella magi madoka magica; this is one i found recently, and it took me by surprise, what seems like a light fun girly anime took a dark turn and became more than i ever expected, and at a short 12 episodes, its a realistic watch to see them all.

If you want you can follow her on twitter here, or tumblr here.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Lush Penguin Bubble Bar

 The Christmas penguin is so cute. His nose fell off and i had to stick it back on for the photo. Me been the idiot i am thought it was a bath bomb and i threw it in the bath. When it didn't start fizzing i read the packet. So silly of me. So i didn't get very many bubbles out of it, but that's my own stupid fault for not checking first.

What they say:
Its orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil will refresh and uplift, while cornflour will soften the water.

To be honest i didn't really smell to much. There was a slight scent in the air but i couldn't place it and didn't think it was orange. It did however soften the water which in turn made my skin so soft and smooth. It also turned the water blue.

The day after and my skin still feels soft. I can smell it a little on my skin but still it isn't orange i smell. It just smells like soap to me. I would buy it again so that i can use it correctly next time, maybe next time i'll be able to smell the orange.

It still makes for a nice relaxing bath. It's only £2.95 which isn't too expensive for a bubble bar.
Buy here.

Sorry for the xmas border, i couldn't help myself. Have you tried any of the lush xmas range?

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Late Night Walk | Outfit

     | Outfit:| Scarf - NewLook | Hoodie - NewLook | Jacket - Mum's | Top - BooHoo | Leggings - BooHoo | Shoes - Tesco |

Went for a late night walk with the dog and decided to take photos while we were out. Trying to take these photos in the pitch black was very hard. We could hardly see each other and to make things worse this was on top of a hill surounded by trees. I did trip a few times.

You can see in these photos my short hair. I was too lazy to style it that day, so ignore the messyness.

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Old Coat New Winter | Outfit

     | Outfit: | Scalf - NewLook | Coat - International | Leggings - BHS | Shoes - Tesco |

 Oh look for once i'm actually wearing a coat. It's not very often i do. But it's getting too cold and i'm getting too lazy to wear a bunch of layers. I do like this coat but i wish it was longer. I've actually been wearing it a lot the past few weeks, which is strange for me.

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Impromptu London Trip

 These are just a few random photos that i took while i was in london. We wasn't there for long just the day. Yes we are crazy and we travelled all the way from leeds to london and back in the same day. I hate the underground. I hope you like these photos. I didn't want to take too many since it was super busy. We didn't go see big ben or the other famous places. I think we only went to piccadilly circus.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Sorted | Dancing Queen VS Boot Camp

With winter and the party season here these lists should have shoes covered for you. If you stuck for ideas on what to buy pop over and have a look. Follow your favourite list for the chance to win a £50 gift card for office.

The dancing queen list is the one i made for this christmas sorted campain. So i hope you like the heels i choose.

As for my favourite shoes from the lists i love these boots.

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