Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Quick Review | Soap & Glory Clean On Me

Soap & Glory Clean On Me

Quick review because there isn't much to say about shower gel. I'm reviewing it because of the built-in body lotion. I hadn't seen a shower gel with build-in lotion before, so i bought a small one to try it. It smells does smell nice, not a strong sent. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. My skin felt smooth for a a day or two after. Which is good for me because i'm lazy with body lotion.

Would i buy it again? Yes once i get through the shower gel i have. This was the first soap and glory shower gel i've tried. Because i liked it i bought a different one to try.  

Also if you don't mine would you vote for me HERE to win tickets to LFW.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

What I'd Wear To Fashion Week

What i'd wear to london fashion week
     | Outfit: | Leather Jacket - Present | Cardigan - Ebay | Top - Primark | Shoes - China |

What i'd wear to london fashion week, leather jacket

 We-Love-Fashion are hosting a competition to win tickets to London fashion week. To enter you have to submit an outfit of what you would wear. This is what i choose. Since it's England it will probably still be cold and i think this will keep me warm while looking good. It's simple but has a few things i love, leather and platform boots.

The second one is the photo i submitted. Unfortunately the day i choose to take photos it rained, so the photos didn't come out too good and this is the best i got. I hope you like them though. 

Vote for me HERE please

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bomber Jacket and a Hoodie | Outfit

What to wear with a bomber jacket, Hoodie, Outfit
     | Outfit: | Jacket - New Look | Hoodies - NewLook | Black Top - New Look | Leggings - Boohoo | Shoes - Dr Martens |
Sorry for only showing these photos. I didn't like how they turned out, but i liked my outfit anyway. It kept me so warm. Layering really is the way to go in winter. The only problem i have with this outfit is the fact my leggings don't look leather anymore. There's a tip for you, don't put leather looking leggings in the dryer. They're still wearable though.

Do any of you know where i can get some nice looking leather leggings? Not the shiny ones though.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Review

sally hansen maximum strength review

 Before i start this isn't going to be a good review. I don't like this at all, i really hoped it would work, but it didn't. For a little while my nails had been very fragile. They kept breaking. So i picked this up. Stronger nails in one week is what made me buy this. So i took it home without thinking. 

First off this doesn't stay on the nails at all, it just chips within minutes. How is something that chips so easily supposed to help my nails? I used it like the packet said. Applied it without any other nail varnish because i thought that would be best. I even tyred using it as a base coat. Still not luck keeping it on my nails. 

I am pretty sure this made my nails worse, my nails ended up with lines on them, when they grow out they split and break. Not something i want. So i stopped using this and after a few days my nails were a little back to how they were before i used this. 

I am not the only one who found it didn't work, my friend also bought it at the same time and she also found it chipped and flaked off. It didn't help her nails too. But luckily it didn't make hers worse.

So i will not be buying this again any time soon.

So if any of you have any recommendations i'd be very willing to try them.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fantastic Baby | Outfit

Checks and Leather Outfit
    | Outfit: | Beanie - New Look | Jacket - New Look | Jeans - Primark | Shirt - Mum's | Shoes - Tesco |

 At the moment i am loving wearing my checked shirt around my waist. It looks cool to me. I don't know what to say about this outfit. It's lazy and warm. I wore it for work one day when i didn't have much time to get ready after over sleeping. That's why I'm wearing my glasses too. But i think it works.

Once again sorry for the photos been taken at night.

I want summer to hurry up and come along. I have had enough of the cold weather.
How are you all doing?

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Chunky Checks | Outfit

    | Outfit: | Scalf - Primark | Cardigan - BooHoo | Trousers - Ebay | Boots - Primark | Ring - H&M |

 This is a very lazy outfit for a very lazy day of drinking bubble tea with a friend.
I am in love with these trouser/leggings, they're so comfy and lined inside. So they keep me warm while looking good. The shoes i've been wearing so much lately, they're a little chunky and i really like chunky shoes. I got the ring on sale for £2, BARGIN!

Sorry for my lack of posts, still trying to figure out how to work and find time to blog. I won't give up though. I love blogging to much for that.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Quick Review | Pretty Quik Nail Polish Remover

pretty quick nail polish remover

 Quick reviews will be reviews on things that i don't have much to say about. Like this nail varnish remover. 

As you can see it's all in a tub, which makes it easier to remove the varnish. It works well, better than i was expecting. One twist is enough to remove the varnish on the nail.
 It has vitamin E. So it's not harsh on the finger nail like other removers i have used. 

There isn't anything else to say about this, it works and it's cheap. It was £2.50 in boots.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Beauty Swap

Charley and I got paired together for the autumn beauty swap. But we were a little late with it. I was even later, oops. I'm bad at doing things on time, sorry. Anyway this is what she sent me, along with some nail stickers but i used them before i took this photo. Sorry for the blurryness to the photo, trying to take photos at night is hard. 

Thank you for these, i can't wait to try the eyeliner and i love balmi lip balm. She choose very well for me. I have no complaints at all haha. I hope she likes what i sent her too.

I will review them eventualy.

Have a look at Charleys blog over at Rambling Of A Beauty Blogger

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 Instagram Roundup

 I guess these posts sum up my instagram, outfits, food, dog.
Last summer i decided to give healthy eating a go, which shows in the food photos. Flowerless pancakes, home made ice lollys. I can't wait for the summer so i can do it all over again.

Last year i went to some places for the first time, this year i hope to go there again and travel to other places within the uk. 

Do you have any new year resolutions? I don't. I'll keep been me.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 Instagram Roundup | Outfits

 Happy New Year Everyone!
Here is just a quick roundup of some of the outfits i posted on my instagram account this year. Most are what i've posted on here but there is some i didn't.

There is four outfits up there that haven't made it onto my blog. Not because i didn't like the outfit but because i forgot to take photos of it. So who knows this year i might wear the outfit again just to put photos on here. That's not cheating right? haah.

Hope you all had a fun new years :)

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

What I Bought | Sales Shopping

 Boxing day i went shopping with a friend. I didn't buy much as i'd received some clothes for Christmas, but i couldn't resist buying these. 

First up is a cat top from International, it was only £6. So cute i had to have it to go with my other cat clothes. I have at least 5+ items that all have cats on them. I'm not even a cat lady. I'm a dog person.

Next is some penguin socks from Primark. Technically they aren't in the sale but they were only £2.
Primark have some really cute things in at the moment like my little pony jumpers and tees. I wanted the pony jumper but i'd just got a unicorn one for xmas. You will eventually see that.

Last up is a ring from H&M. I need new jewellery to put into the amazing jewellery box my grandad got me for xmas. It's quite big and what i have doesn't fill it. And i couldn't pass up to buy a skull ring. I love skulls.

So did you buy anything in the sales? Or did you miss them out this year.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Caviar Nails

Caviar Nails, Ciate, Nail Varnish, Nail Polish

 For Christmas i decided to paint my nails and add the caviar just to make them a little more glam. These lasted quite a while to say i was opening presents and boxes on Christmas day. Some did fall off, but it wasn't too noticeable. 

Putting them on is super simple, just pain your nails and pour the beads on. They will stick and stay in place, but to give it a little extra security i also dabbed on some top coat.

They aren't for every day but once in a while or for a party they will be fab. Maybe for a new years party? That is if you guys go. I stay in.

I used Ciate Caviar that came with a magazine some months ago and Nails Inc Uptown Glamour that i also got in a magazine a month ago.

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