Thursday, 15 March 2012

Scarborough Seaside Trip

Yesterday we went on a trip to Scarborough.
It was sooo cold near the sea. Guess that's what we get for going in early spring time.
There wasn't a lot of people there since it's out of season.
It was a fun day, going in the arcades and shopping, even though we didn't buy anything or win anything.
Be prepared for a lot of pictures.

 The first thing we did when we got there was to go for a hot chocolate. It was very nice. I liked the decoration on the top.

Not as nice as Costa but nice.

It was a nice little cafe, darn i should have taken a picture of it.

 I like this picture :)

 When you're in a bathroom take pictures lol. I don't normally take pictures in a bath room, but the lighting was good.

Went browseing around Scarborough town and stumbled across a shop that sells momiji dolls. I was so tempted to buy them all, but i didn't have any money left to spend on them. Next time i go i will have to buy some.

 All the times i'v been to scarborough and i never notices the Queen Victoria statue
 As you can see it was a quite foggy day. At least it didn't rain though.
It looks a lot better in summer.

 We got the tram from and to the beach. Did not feel like walking up this big, huge hill, which has a lot of steps. And the tram is cool :)

More Pictures Of Me And Lizzy Coming Up

 Okay maybe we have taken to meny pictures of ourselfs haha.

 That beach cafe has been there for a long time. It was closed since there wasn't a lot of people about.
 Old style cinema, i want to go in to see what it's like.
 Even got a old style police phonebox. Reminds us of Dr Who.

Camwhoreing again haha.

I love scarborough, my mum and dad have taken me since i was little. I think most people go there in the summer. It's like the place to go haha.

Lots and lots of arcades. Fun day out. Something to do.
Enjoyable for all the family.
Okay that sounds like i'm trying to sell it to you.

When people say seaside you think of a nice sunny warm place. But nope, not this day.

Bye bye Xx

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