Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Hand Painted Plimpsoles

So yesterday i was just looking through ebay as i do to see if i could find anything of interest.
When i came across some plipsoles. Now i love plimpsoles, they are just so easy to wear and very comfy.
The seller was selling new hand painted ones. So i had a look in the sellers store to see if there was any i like, and there was quite a few i liked. I decided i'd just buy one pair even though i wanted to buy like 5. I might buy another pair in in a while if they still have them.

Anyway these are the ones i bought yesterday (27th) which arrived today (28th)
I must add i bought them very early in the morningon the 27th. Which is probably why they arived on the 28th.

Just thought i'd share this sellers nice work.
The seller is ASCENT-6

Thursday, 21 June 2012

DIY: T-shirt Printing

Or in my case Jumper Printing.
Sometimes i like to put my own design on a t-shirt, or something.
Well this time i wanted the b.a.p bunny logo on a jumper and since they aren't selling them as of yet, i decided to make my own. 
Of course you can just do this with any design.

Well i made a video

Blogger doesn't want to be able to find my video, so i just have to post the link.

I blame my fangirlyness for making this. But hey, no one will know what it's about.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Outfit Of The Day + FOTD

I actually wore this a few days ago when it was colder, but i forgot to post it, so I'll post it now :)
This weather is annoying, i miss the sun and warmness. Damn you England.

Since i tuck the photo i figured i might as well do a face of the day. My hair's tied up for once.
Make up:
Face - Skin Food BB Cream
Eyes - Concealer by Collection 2000
Liquid eyeliner by Miss Sporty - One of my favourites, cheap and lasts all day.
Green eyeliner by Eyeko.

Bomber Jacket - New Look
Top - CuteJapaneseFashion
Leggings - BHS i think
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Tesco
Rings - Ebay

I'm having a hard time finding any clothes i like lately, i keep going to town and looking around but find nothing. *Sigh* Guess I'll just have to order things from abroad.
Are you liking clothes stores are selling?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Banner's i made but didn't work + tumblr

I made two banners so i could have a change, one of them was to big to be uploaded -_-
and the other was to small to fit into the banner space, i might edit the second one to make it longer, or make a new one all together.

Because i made them i thought I'd share them. Not the best and i didn't really do much to them, but i like them.

Ahh blogger wae you no let me upload!
I'm stuck with my old banner that i made when i first started using blogger :(

Hope you've all had a good week.
Ooh and i now have tumblr
I'll probably only use tumblr for music related things, and reblogging a lot of stuff.
The music I'll post about and reblog will be about Jrock and Kpop.

Bye bye *Waves*

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Garnier Body Intensive 7days Softening Lotion

So i sent of for a free trial of Garnier's new body lotion.
I already have a body lotion i love, but hey it's a free trial might as well try it.

So it came with 7 packets to use over 7days on your legs. I normly forget a day or two, but this time i didn't. Today was my last packet.

I love it!
It smells nice, it glides on very easy, doesn't look greasy and it drys fast aswell.
It leaves your skin feeling super soft. The smell doesn't linger on the skin, which isn't good or bad. I like it when a body lotion leaves a nice smell on the skin.

It's also supposed to help with the level of dry skin. And it comes with a skin reader, so you can see how dry your skin was before and how your skin has improved after useing it.

As you can see from my skin reader, i had a lot of dry skin before, which i didn't realise i had. After useing this for 7days my dry skin has improved a lot.

Over all from the 7days i'v use it, i really like it, and when my lotion runs out i will conside buying this.

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