Friday, 24 February 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Red Blue Black

 When i bought these Jeggings i looked everywere to find some red jeans, but they were nowhere to seen. So i had to settle for these. Now red jeans can be bought everywhere.
It was windy though, so the hat ended up coming off.
Yes i quite like skull scalfs ^_^

 Hat - Clairs
Scalf - Chinese shop :)
Jumper - New Look
Sleveless Gardigan - Tesco i think. It's quite old.
Jeggings - Primark
Shoes - New Look

On a side not, i got this sandwhich from Pret and is was sooooo yummy. Vietnamese style. I don't normally like pret sandwhiches but YUM!
Have you ever had Pret foot?

Monday, 20 February 2012


I read about a this on youralmostalice's blog. Which directed me to bloglovetherapy. I love this idea. You get to find other people's blogs, and they can find yours. With me not having many followes this might get me some ^_^
I love blogging and would like more people to read mine. But i also love reading other peoples blogs, it's so interesting.

Febuary's GlossyBox

Sign up to GlossyBox for £12.95. That's £10 for the boc and £2.95PP

When i first saw it i was a bit disapointed, but now i think i might get some use out of them. These are not what i would buy normally, or considering buying.

What i got;

DUWOP Venom Gloss - I wouldn't buy it because i'm not a lipgloss person, i like lip balm. You can feel the tingling sensation. The colour is nice. I'll use it since i have it now. I don't think it's done anything to my lips though. It's got a weird smell too, i can't quite place it.

DR BRONNER Leavender Hand Sanitiser - Now i already have a hand sanitiser in my bad and i love it. This i don't like so much. I don't like how it's so watery. I like that it's a spray though and that it's organic fair trade. But i like gel hand sanitisers. I do not like the smell of this at all, it's supposed to be lavender but it smells like those micowave heat things. Which stinks.

PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Relaxing Balm - I googled this, and this is what it's supposed to do. Lets you relax wavy, curly or unruly hair with this lightweight balm that helps smooth every strand, seal the cuticle and lock out frizz. Helps protect hair from heat and speeds up drying time. Well since my hair isn't wavy, curly or unruly, i have no need for this, and i already have a head deffence. I did use it this morning though, as for the cutting down drying time, i did notice getting dryer on the ends were i used it, and it did leave my hair nice and smooth.

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow - I got the colour wolf howl, basically dark purple. I'll proberly use this, but not very often, i'm lazy when it comes to makeup.

COMO SHAMBHALA Inigorate Shower Gel - I opend it to smell it, and it smells familiar but i don't know what off. I'll try it, but it might be no good for my skin, since my skin is annoying and shower gel drys it out, i have only found one shower gel so far thats okay for my skin.

Note - I can still feel the tingling on my lips a while after applying the lip gloss. Does the tingling not go away, if it doesn't i won't be useing this.

Did you like yours?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Combat Style Jeans

 I love the jeans, they are comfy, and combat style :) They are skinny jeans. The only type of jeans i will wear.
Rocking out to Versailles.
I think this hair style suits me :) Might be my new look.

Scalf - Chinese Shop
Bomber Jacket - New Look
Jumper - New Look
Jeans -
Gloves - I found them in the house. The only pair i could find. My finger tips were cold all day.

This is yesterdays outfit.

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter

Since it's valentines day the body shop have a new range of products. They do this chocolate one in shower gel, body lotion, soap ect. I don't know if it's limited for valentines day.

So today i went into store and picked up the lip butter, i was going to buy the shower gel, but i already have a load of shower gel to go through.

It's £4 for a 10ml little tub. The smell is chocolatey but not to over powering and not sickly. It is very creamy and not sticky. It goes on the lips very nicely. Leaves them soft. It isn't coloured so it just looks like your wearing lip gloss. After i applyed it i got my friend to see if she could smell it when it's on. She said you could slightly. It doesn't taste like chocolate, not that i'v tryed to eat it, it even has a not sutable for eating symbol on the back. Which i suppose is good :) £4 is more than i would pay for a lip butter, but this was a present to myself. The only problem i have with it, is i have been having to reaply it something like every half hour. Which is more often than i have to with something like carmex. But that's nothing to bad, and most lip butters/balms are like that.

Anyway Happy Valentines Day ^_^

Friday, 10 February 2012

Febuary's clothes wishlist

I love crosses. I have 5 cross necklaces i think a cross ring all i need is some cross earrings, i don't actually care were i get the earrings, but i do like the topshop ones. They are just nice and plain, very simple. I will be buying some i hope.
Okay i'm a big jumper lover, there just so comfy and warm. You can never have to many :)
I love the cross one from newlook because, well it's a cross, and i don't have a jumper with a cross on :)
The skull one will look nice with my coloured skinnys, so i must get it!
I don't have any kind of animal print, so the F21 one is one i need, it's not in the typical  animal print colour, and red looks good on me.
Boohoo one, again because i don't own anything with any kind of animal print, and this animal print isn't a in your face print.
The topshop cross tee will look really nice with leggings, and it seams quite long as well, so it will cover the bum, knowing me it will proberly be a lot longer on me, darn my shortness.
I'm in need of some more jeans, and my birthday is coming up, so they will make a nice present, i saw some like the river island ones in newlook as well, for half the price, but they never seam to have my size in -_-

Monday, 6 February 2012

January's Glossybox

My first glossybox and it's the valentine's day one!! ^_^

I orderd it at the end of the month, so i got it late.
Reading other people's blogs tempted me to sign up.
It's a nice little treet for my self every month :)

What i got:

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - emerald green. £9.50
I would have liked the plum one, as it's darker and i wear dark eyeliner, but i'm happy with this, just glad i didn't get pink :)

Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream 15ml - Full size price, £48
Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream 15ml -Full size price, £46.50
I might end up giving those to my mum. I don't think my skin needs firming just yet.

FAB Gentle Body Wash -Eh i didn't get that. The card said it's that but the bottel says its body moisturizer O_O Okay then. I'm not to botherd about that, just a little strange. I'll use it after i'v finished my big tub of Sanctuary Body Butter. £10 for the full sized one.

Murad Hybirds Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish 5ml - Full size £29
I swatched it on my hand and it looks farn to dark for my very pale skin, so i'm proberly not going to be able to use this, but i will try it on my face and see.

Top - Murad primer. Bottom - Eyeko eyeliner.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

January Favourites/Reivew

I did buy quite a few new products this month. I like trying new things. But these are my favourites. 

 Garnier makeup remover - It works quite well, it's proberly not the best out there. I'v been useing it for a month and it's worked fine. Removes most of the makeup. The problem is eyeliner on the lower line, but i just put some of the product in a old contact case and dab a cutton bud in it to use around my eye.

Tresemmé heat defence styling spray - This is a product i buy over and over. It leaves the hair feeling so soft. Since i use heat on my hair almost everyday i really do need one.

Superdrug dry shampoo - I normally buy the Batiste but i saw this had a offer on at buy 1 get 2 free. When i saw that i had to try it. Since they are only £1.75 to buy, i figured i wouldn't lose to much if it turned out to be rubbish. But it's actually quite good, it has a really nice smell to it as well. Which i was smelling all day. It's a fresh smell. A little orangey smell i would say.

Sanctuary pore refining toner - It's supposed to help minimise the appearance of pores without drying out the skin. Which i would say it does. You can feel it working when you use it. It's a slight tingerling feeling. It had a nice smell, as it is naturally fragranced with plant extracts and essential oils. I will be buying it again.

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion - I'v been looking for a mousteriser for dry skin for a while, since the cold weather dryed it out a little. Since it isn't cheep i wasn't sure about buying it at first, but i did. And i'm glad i did. It works, my face isn't as dry anymore. It leaves it feeling nice a soft. You actually don't need a lot of the product to cover the whole face. So i think it will last a while. It says it's for very dry to dry combination. I proberly won't be able to use it in the summer, since my skin isn't dry then. But i will be buying it again, and i think it is worth the price. It glides on nice and easy and has a nice smell.

Simple soothing eye balm - It feels so nice on the eyes. It wakes them up on a morning too. It says it reduces puffiness, soothes and nutures. I don't know if it reducess puffiness as i don't have puffy eyes, but it does sooth and nutures. The skin under my eyes feels a lot smoother and healthier. I will also say it has made my dark under eye circles less darker. Since it's not supposed to do that, it's a nice added bonus.

Soap and glory dr spot - I don't get to many spots, but when i do, like everyone i want them to go just as quickly as they came. This does that. Within about a week of useing, the spot was almost gone. You can tell it's working. It doesn't dry out the skin. And it drys clear, so you can apply makeup over the top of it. It's a little barrier between makeup and the spot. I used it twice a day and poof they went. Now when a spot comes i use this.

Sanctuary body butter - I LOVE this. Leaves the skin so soft, smells amazing, and the smell lasts all day. I applyed it went shopping and smelt something nice, i was like ooh whats that smell, then i realised it was me :)
I wasn't expecting it to last all day since most others don't, and i was very happy to find out it did. It has cocoa butter, shea butter and macadamia nut oil. I think the smell comes from the macadamia nut oil. I bought the sample to try it, and at christmas my mum bought me a sanctuary set which had the full sized one in it. I now refill my small one up as it doesn't take up to much space on my desk. The small one lasted me at least a month, as i bought the small one near the end of december.

Technic hide it concealer palette - I have been looking for a long time for a concealer that hides my annoying dark circles. This comes with a yellow which neutralises dark undereye circles. Then i normally use a Sleek one to cover up the yellow. Which i haven't listed on here but i should have. But this technic one is very cheep and for the price i am very happy with what it does. It also has a green which is supposed to calm down redness, but since my face doesn't have any redness i don't use it. It comes with two little brushes, but i find them useless. I will buy it again unless i find a better palette with yellow.

Okay so this ended up been a reivew of the products, instead of just been a favourites, oh well.

Price list
  • Garnier makeup remover - £2.99
  •  Tresemm√© heat defence styling spray -  £4.99
  •  Superdrug dry shampoo - Normally £1.75 but it's on sale for 99p
  •  Sanctuary pore refining toner - £8.99
  •  Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion - £16.50 for 50ml
  •  Simple soothing eye balm - £3.99
  •  Soap and glory dr spot - £8
  •  Sanctuary body butter- £9.20 for 300ml
  • Technic hide it concealer palette - £1.99

    Products bought from, boots, debenhams, superdrug and online.

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