Friday, 30 March 2012

Lolita-ish Dress

 My first Lolita-ish dress. I say Lolita-ish because, well it's not totally Lolita.
It has bits of Lolita like the ruffles and stuff.
This will have to do for now, since Lolita dresses aren't cheep.
If you don't know what Lolita is, it's a Japanese fashion, that is based on Victorian-era clothing. There is different styles of Lolita.
Gothic Lolita
Sweet Lolita
Classic Lolita
There is more, but those are the main ones.
If you want to know more go to wikipedia or google it.

 This is with the little petticoat.
 But it was itchy so i removed it.

 Here's just some edits i did :)

 You can see the ruffles better on the edited one.
Do you know of Lolita fashion? Or like it?


  1. Love the dress :) I done a class talk in my second year of high school on lolita, I find it really interesting :) x

    1. Thanks :) Yeah it is really interesting, such detail on the dresses. Xx


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