Saturday, 17 March 2012

Japan Centre

Finally decided to order some food from Japan Centre
I only ordered snacks and some ready made food since it was the first time i ordered from the site and i didn't know what the shipping would be like.
It was very good, they sent a e-mail saying they were picking and packing my food the morning after i had placed my order (I ordered around 8pm the day before).
Then a e-mail saying my when my order would arive. Unfortunatly that was the day i went to the seaside so i wasn't in to accept it.
The next morning i got another one saying they would redeliver and the time it should come. And it came within that time.

 I ordered some Tofu because i have never eaten it before and i wondered what it tastes like.

I have yet to try this.
I'll try it next week some time.
I hope it's nice or it will be a waste.

I haven't tryed this one yet. But i have a feeling i will like it. It's noodles with soup, can't remember what flavour though. You can do this in the micowave or pan.

 Curry noodles :) This one i have tryed and it is very yummuy.
It's not too spicy. Very easy to cook. Just put it in a pan of boiling for 3 mins and add the flavourings. I will buy this again as it is super tastey ^_^

Green Apple Hi Chu. I love these sweets. I'v had them before so i had to get some again. I could eat them all day. Chewy and full of flavour.

These are actually from Singapore but they seamed yummy so i had to get some.
And they are, in fact i'v been eating these while wrighting this, i finished of the packet. Oops.
They are just crispy biscuits with chocolate in the middle.

Again i have not tryed these yet. But they are only strawberry biscuits so they must be nice. In a cute Panda shape i'm guessing.

I'v tryed these and they are nice.
They are mini citrus cakes. Ideal for my bag. Nice little snack.

I have opened these and tryed them. They are VERY nice.
Little crunchy sticks. Salt and Pepper flavour.

Curry flavoured crackers. I'v yet to try them yet. I hope they are nice.

More crackers. I forget the flavour. And i'm about to try them ^_^
Umm they remind me of sonething i'v eaten before.
Ooh those round things, damn what are they called. Darn i can picture them, they are in a yellow packet lol. Anyway nevermind, they are nice :)

Over all i am happy with the service and quick delivery. I will be buying more food from them. And not just snacks next time.

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