Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Witch Casket | Febuary

February's box is here and i'm in love with it, the theme this month is self love and i love that it's purple instead of pink. The first thing i noticed from this box when opening it was the super nice smell, which was coming from the Vander incense sticks.

I can't wait to use the self love ritual kit, everyone needs to love themselves as much as possible.

I'm only on my third box but i think i might have found a subscription box that has useful stuff for me. Unlike beauty boxes that have stuff i'd never use.

I love that every month i get a small crystal, i'm always wanting to buy more to add to my collection and this is a great way of doing it, this way i can discover crystals i would have never thought off.

The charms, rituals and spells are great as i'm new to those kinds of things and don't know much yet, so getting one every month from a practising witch is great and helps me learn new stuff. You may or may not believe in them but it's still nice to carry around the charms, last month's self mark charm/spell is still currently in my work bag as it was to reduce negative thoughts. I'll use the self love one when i'm not feeling my best and have a pamper day to go with it.

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