Monday, 28 April 2014

Ear Bowler Hat and Crosses | Outfit

Ear Bowler Hat And Cross Jumper OOTD WIWT
Ear Bowler Hat And Cross Jumper OOTD WIWT

 Finally got around to wearing this hat that i bought last year but at the end of summer so i only got to wear it once. I'm in love with it, mainly because it has ears and i like everything with ears. I can't help it, the clothes just look so cute and cool. I've had this jumper in my wardrobe for years, it's actually very warm but not warm enough for winter so i can only wear it at the start of spring/autumn.

| Outfit: | Hat - Ebay | Jumper - NewLook | Shoes - NewLook |

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Playing In The Daffodils | Outfit

Outfit With Over Knee Socks, Denim Jacket, Spring Outfit

Outfit With Over Knee Socks, Denim Jacket, Spring Outfit

I know it's another outfit with my denim jacket and they're in a row, but i wanted to get all the outfits with scarfs out of the way, since it's not quite cold enough for them anymore. I promise my outfits to come do not have the denim jacket, at least for a while anyway. It was still a little cold when i wore this and still had to layer with a hoodie under the denim jacket. But the jacket doesn't keep you warm anyway. So I'll still be wearing it when summer is in full swing.

| Outfit: | Jacket - Mums | Shorts - Asda | Shoes - Ebay |

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Eye Denim | Outfit

Black printed eye tights, outfit, ootd

Leather running shorts

Eye Tights & Black Creepers

I had no idea what to call this outfit at all. I wore it a few weeks ago when it was super windy. The main thing i like about this outfit is the tights, i waited a few weeks to get them and had to wear them as soon as i got them. I love how they are so simple but have cool looking eyes printed just at the bottom. Adds a little something to an outfit. I don't know if you can notice in these photos but i dip dyed my hair black at the bottom. I was getting bored of my hair and had to do something.

| Outfit: | Denim Jacket - Mum's | Shorts - StyleNanda | Tights - Ebay | Sunglasses - Primark | Creepers - Barretts |

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quick Review | Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine Shampoo

Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine Shampoo Review

 After i got my hair cut short for the first time i switched to this shampoo since i had it just lingering in my room. I figured it was time to use it and get rid of it. Little did i know i would fall in love with this shampoo. It has made my hair a lot better and healthier. It does claim to do that, but for me it did. It leaves it feeling super soft and it really does leave a brilliant shine. I love it so much that now months after using my first bottle i don't want to try any others. I have a draw in my room stocked full of these little bottles. They only come in 75ml since they are takeaways and are supposed to be for travelling i guess. But one bottle lasts me at least a month, possibly more since i have short hair at the moment. I haven't used anything by this brand before since it's a salon brand and figured they would be expensive. I have had some trouble trying to find it in stores which is why i stocked up when my mum noticed them in home bargains. I'm starting to think they have been discontinued, i hope not though.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cheap Monday Flower | Outfit

Cheap Monday Tee, New Look Leggings, Asos zip coat

Cheap Monday Tee, New Look Leggings, Asos zip coat

Cheap Monday Tee, New Look Leggings, Asos zip coat, Panda BackPack

An outfit i wore a few weeks ago when it was still quite cold. I will have to revamp this for spring as i love the leggings with this tee. I normally stay away from anything that has flowers on, but these i really liked. It could be because they are black and white. Black and white been two of my favourite colours to wear, so simple and easy to style. I took these photos on uni campus, maybe i should have choose somewhere else that didn't have court in the background.

| Outfit: | Coat - Asos | T-shirt - Cheap Monday | Backpack - Clair's | Rings - Ebay | Leggings - NewLook | Shoes - NewLook | Nail Varnish - BarryM Silk Heather |

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Study Outfit and GreyRay Review

What To Wear To Study

Grey-Ray Review, Pencil Cap, Pencil Holder
What To Wear To Study

 A few weeks ago i got some Grey-Ray* goodies, they got to me very quickly considering they came from Thailand. I found them to be very useful, with the pencil cap you can carry around a pencil without the led breaking, which has happened to me. The pencil extender is fantastic, once a pencil gets to small i stop using them but with this i can carry on using them. The lid also fits on the end to make it even longer. They are made of good quality too. You can also find them on twitter here, i would recommend them and they are friendly people.

If i were to study this is an outfit i would wear. Super comfy and relaxed. I think I've studied twice in the library. Yes I'm a bad student. I also stole my mums socks because i had no white ones. Who has no white socks? Me apparently.

*Even though they were sent to me to review all opinions on my own.

| Outfit: | Cardigan - Ebay | T-shirt - NewLook | Shorts - Asos | Phone Charm - Ebay |

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Korean BB Creams I Want To Try

Korean BB Creams I Want To Try, Etude Jouse, Missha, Lioele

Three Korean BB Creams i want to try. I've had these in my watch list for quite a while now. I love Etude House products but I've haven't got around to trying their BB creams yet. Soon i will and I'll start with their Precious Mineral BB Cream. Over all this seams like just a normal nice BB cream to use and it isn't too expensive. It's also supposed to include seaweed, that's interesting.

Next i want to try the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. Ever since i started using BB creams this is one I've always wanted to try. It's one that people recommend a lot, it costs a little more than other BB creams i have. But a lot of people give it good reviews so i will at some point try it.

Lioele is a brand I've wanted to try from the beginning too. But yet again they cost a little more too. The one i want to try from them is the Beyond The Solution BB Cream. It's supposed to be long lasting, so that might come in handy in the summer. Since i hope to spend a lot of it out and about.

There is a lot more i want to try, but these are the ones i hope to buy next. I really shouldn't since i already have four in rotation. But a girl can never have to many right? 

Is there any BB creams you want to try?

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Black and White | Outfit

Black and White Outfit, Jstye, streetstyle, love choker, ootd, wiwt, skulls, jfashion

Black and White Outfit, Jstye, streetstyle, love choker, ootd, wiwt, skulls, jfashion
Black and White Outfit, Jstye, streetstyle, love choker, ootd, wiwt, skulls,

 The day the sun came out, so much warmth. I wish the sun would come back already. I was enjoying it and then it decide to go back into hiding. I like this outfit since i has a few of my favourite items in it. The top i love and have had it a few years, i wear it every summer. I've not had enough of it yet. The choker is my newest item and i need more of them. It's very 90s and i like how it looks.

How are you enjoying spring?
Is it better for me to have the outfit details at the bottom? Or should i put them back where i normally have them?

| Outfit: | Cardigan - Primark | Top - NewLook | Shorts - Stylenanda | Socks - Primark | Choker - NewLook | Rings - Ebay |

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