Sunday, 11 March 2012


Just a post of what i got and did on 8th march my birthday, i didn't do much. But it was fun anyway :)
It's been 5days since i last posted, oops, sorry.

On my birthday me and a friend went to town, did a little window shopping and ended up spending a long time in Costa. I was craving Costa hot chocolate hehe ^_^

 How yummy does that look!
Yes i was enjoying it :)
While paying i saw a yummy looking brownie, so i had to buy it. Mmm

She's proberly going to kill me for putting her picture on here, but ooh well :) It was a yummy brownie.

 Decided to play on a shooting game.

The games colaberation was off, i was aiming one place and it was fireing in another, stupid thing. Me and Lizzy (Girl up there) make a good team on these games haha. 
I look like i'm about to kill someone.
Please ignore my make-up free face, i was letting my face have a rest.

So this is what i got as my presents from my mum and dad.
My mum bought me the panda backpack for when i go to class. Carrying those books i need really hurts my arm.
And she also got me some hairstraightners, because my old ones died. I loved those as well.
My dad got me the Harajuku Lovers perfumes. I love these perfumes, they smell nice and they have cute little dolls ^_^

 It's such a shame that Harajuku Lovers won't be made anymore. As soon as the shops have sold all their stock that's it, no more Harajuku Lovers :'(

The day after me and Lizzy went to go see The Women In Black. It's a good film, i enjoyed it ^_^

Thanks for reading ^_^
This is not a post to brag, just to share what i did.

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  1. Happy Birthday for the other day! I love the jumper you're wearing in the pics xx


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