Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cat Print Outfit Idea

Cat Print Outfit

I will be wearing my cat space print dress to work and i though I'd have a look at how to style it. Though I've been told i have to wear more colour on this day, so I'll be switching some items for more colour. It's for charity and i don't have a weird shirt.

Since i don't normally wear colour much it will be hard for me to go out but i will do it.
This top was the closest i could find to match the dress i will be wearing.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Easy Work Outfit

Easy work outfit

For days when i can't be bothered to put to much effort in for work or should i say i got up with only half an hour to get dressed. I need more simple dresses like this just to throw on and walk out of the door since that's what i do anyway.

I'm going to keep on eye out for some interesting but simple dresses, even though i hate wearing them for the most part they are easy for work.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Pentagram Skirt | Outfit

Motel Pentagram skirt

Alternative work outfits

Pentagram Skirt | Outfit

I wore this for work one day when the weather was a little nicer. I found this skirt in the Ark sale. I hate to wear shirts but i can't wear shorts at work so i put up with the annoying things. 
I also got my shoes in the footlocker sale, remind me to never buy converse that are a size to small again, they killed my feet. My own fault though.

| Outfit: | White top - Primark | Black top - Ebay | Skirt - Motel | Shoes - Converse | Bag - Mii |

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Unstoppable Life | Outfit

Alternative fashion, jrock outfit inspired

Direngrey outfit

Alternative Outfit, Nugoth outfit, Spring outfit

Socks over tights outfit

 Finally got around to posting this outfit that I've been in love with since i wore it. This is a band t-shirt for Dir en Grey who are Japanese. Unfortunately i didn't get to see them live yet. But someone brought me back a t-shirt from their concert.

The Unstoppable Life Tour Goods The few colours along with the eye make this t-shirt stand out. I wanted the t-shirt to be the main focus so I went with an all back outfit.
Adding some little touches with the socks over tights and the bow clip.

 | Outfit: | Top - Tour | Cardigan - H&M | Shorts - Primark | Clip - Ebay | Sunglasses - Jeepers Peepers | Boots - Primark | Backpack - Mi | Necklace - Etsy |

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