Friday, 30 March 2012

Lolita-ish Dress

 My first Lolita-ish dress. I say Lolita-ish because, well it's not totally Lolita.
It has bits of Lolita like the ruffles and stuff.
This will have to do for now, since Lolita dresses aren't cheep.
If you don't know what Lolita is, it's a Japanese fashion, that is based on Victorian-era clothing. There is different styles of Lolita.
Gothic Lolita
Sweet Lolita
Classic Lolita
There is more, but those are the main ones.
If you want to know more go to wikipedia or google it.

 This is with the little petticoat.
 But it was itchy so i removed it.

 Here's just some edits i did :)

 You can see the ruffles better on the edited one.
Do you know of Lolita fashion? Or like it?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

One pair of shorts three outfits

Since it's quite warm i could wear my shorts. YAY!
Even thought it only got up to 20 degrees Celsius there has been no wind, so it's been nice and warm.

 Some how i think i look younger in that outfit ^
Hello Kitty glasses woooooh!! ^_^

Got a little cooler so i just added the cardigan, makes a nice layered look.

I am so pale! I'll be like that all through summer as well, i do not tan.
The black popping out from under my shots are safety shorts, the shorts I'm wearing tend to go upwards. If that made any sence.

First Outfit
Hello Kitty Glasses - Ebay
Holy Jumper - Ebay
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts - Ebay
Socks - I don't remember you can buy them anywere

Second Outfit
Sun Glasses - It was New Look or Primark
Skull Jumper - Ebay
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts- Ebay

Third Outfit
Gray and White Shawl - Forever21
Owl Necklace - I don't remember but Clair's sell them.
Red Top - Primark
Black Cardigan - I don't remember the shop isn't there anymore.
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts - Ebay

Monday, 26 March 2012

Blog Hop!!

Blog Love Therapy are doing another blog hop ^_^
Blog hops are always a great way of finding new blogs to read and getting some new readers.

Just click the picture to be taken to their blog.

The more that join the better it is.

Would you leave the house with out makeup on?

I actually don't leave the house without some kind of makeup on, even if it's only concealer to cover my dark under eye circles. Some people call it been vain, i call it careing about how i look. I don't want to step out of the door looking like a mess. Who would want to?

It might take me a while to get ready, normally an hour, but that's because i care how i am presenting my self to the world.

Most people take time to make sure they look good before leaving the house, other people don't. Those that do might spend time planning an outfit, trying things on to make sure it all looks good.
People do judge you on the way you look, so it's only natural that you would want people to have a good impresion of you based on the way you look. Like they say first impresions count. When you go to a job interview you make sure you look presentable so the person interviewing you doesn't think your a slob, who would want someone working for them that can't even take the time to at least wear something nice. It's basicaly the same in everyday life, no one is going to be interested in you if you don't look decent.

If there is a slobby looking person and a neat looking person, who would you go talk to? The neat looking person right?

You may say you don't judge people on the way they look but face it while you're walking around the streets you are seacretly judgeing people on what they are wearing. You might think something along the lines of what the heck is that person wearing?

There is no shame in taking pride in your apearance.

I like to look good for myself, not just for others. When i'm out i'm always looking in mirrors to make sure my makeup hasn't smudged or something like that. Am i vain? To some i proberly am, to me i care how i look, to me i am vain only for that reason.
Concusion vain people care about how they look. Unless it's people who just like to look at themselfs haha.

Are you vain? Do you care about how you look?

Okay that was kind of a weird post.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Outfit Of The Day - The cardigan again!

 I should stop taking photo's in my kitchen haha.
I have my hair up for once.
 I didn't even notice my shoe lace was undone. Oh well.
Cardigan - I don't remember...
Scalf - Chinese shop
White top - Primark
Jeggings - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Some random shop that is no longer there.
Glasses - Primark i think.
Ring - Ebay

^0^ I am wearing way to much Primark today. That is not the only shop i shop in lol

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Japanese Wrighting Essay (Post contains Japanese)

So for my Japanese class i had a to wright an essay about a random day. I choose to wright about what i did on my birthday, since i couldn't think of anything else.

I only have to wright one and a half sides of paper. So this is enough. But i might add some more onto it before i hand it in. My hiragana wrighting is horrible.


I basically say when i got up, what i had for breakfast, how i got to class, the time class started and ended. What i normally do after class, but what i did on my birthday instead. I went shopping and bought somethings, went to a cafe and had some food. What my favourite tv programs are. Just stuff like that.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Japan Centre

Finally decided to order some food from Japan Centre
I only ordered snacks and some ready made food since it was the first time i ordered from the site and i didn't know what the shipping would be like.
It was very good, they sent a e-mail saying they were picking and packing my food the morning after i had placed my order (I ordered around 8pm the day before).
Then a e-mail saying my when my order would arive. Unfortunatly that was the day i went to the seaside so i wasn't in to accept it.
The next morning i got another one saying they would redeliver and the time it should come. And it came within that time.

 I ordered some Tofu because i have never eaten it before and i wondered what it tastes like.

I have yet to try this.
I'll try it next week some time.
I hope it's nice or it will be a waste.

I haven't tryed this one yet. But i have a feeling i will like it. It's noodles with soup, can't remember what flavour though. You can do this in the micowave or pan.

 Curry noodles :) This one i have tryed and it is very yummuy.
It's not too spicy. Very easy to cook. Just put it in a pan of boiling for 3 mins and add the flavourings. I will buy this again as it is super tastey ^_^

Green Apple Hi Chu. I love these sweets. I'v had them before so i had to get some again. I could eat them all day. Chewy and full of flavour.

These are actually from Singapore but they seamed yummy so i had to get some.
And they are, in fact i'v been eating these while wrighting this, i finished of the packet. Oops.
They are just crispy biscuits with chocolate in the middle.

Again i have not tryed these yet. But they are only strawberry biscuits so they must be nice. In a cute Panda shape i'm guessing.

I'v tryed these and they are nice.
They are mini citrus cakes. Ideal for my bag. Nice little snack.

I have opened these and tryed them. They are VERY nice.
Little crunchy sticks. Salt and Pepper flavour.

Curry flavoured crackers. I'v yet to try them yet. I hope they are nice.

More crackers. I forget the flavour. And i'm about to try them ^_^
Umm they remind me of sonething i'v eaten before.
Ooh those round things, damn what are they called. Darn i can picture them, they are in a yellow packet lol. Anyway nevermind, they are nice :)

Over all i am happy with the service and quick delivery. I will be buying more food from them. And not just snacks next time.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Scarborough Seaside Trip

Yesterday we went on a trip to Scarborough.
It was sooo cold near the sea. Guess that's what we get for going in early spring time.
There wasn't a lot of people there since it's out of season.
It was a fun day, going in the arcades and shopping, even though we didn't buy anything or win anything.
Be prepared for a lot of pictures.

 The first thing we did when we got there was to go for a hot chocolate. It was very nice. I liked the decoration on the top.

Not as nice as Costa but nice.

It was a nice little cafe, darn i should have taken a picture of it.

 I like this picture :)

 When you're in a bathroom take pictures lol. I don't normally take pictures in a bath room, but the lighting was good.

Went browseing around Scarborough town and stumbled across a shop that sells momiji dolls. I was so tempted to buy them all, but i didn't have any money left to spend on them. Next time i go i will have to buy some.

 All the times i'v been to scarborough and i never notices the Queen Victoria statue
 As you can see it was a quite foggy day. At least it didn't rain though.
It looks a lot better in summer.

 We got the tram from and to the beach. Did not feel like walking up this big, huge hill, which has a lot of steps. And the tram is cool :)

More Pictures Of Me And Lizzy Coming Up

 Okay maybe we have taken to meny pictures of ourselfs haha.

 That beach cafe has been there for a long time. It was closed since there wasn't a lot of people about.
 Old style cinema, i want to go in to see what it's like.
 Even got a old style police phonebox. Reminds us of Dr Who.

Camwhoreing again haha.

I love scarborough, my mum and dad have taken me since i was little. I think most people go there in the summer. It's like the place to go haha.

Lots and lots of arcades. Fun day out. Something to do.
Enjoyable for all the family.
Okay that sounds like i'm trying to sell it to you.

When people say seaside you think of a nice sunny warm place. But nope, not this day.

Bye bye Xx

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