Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dark Spring | Outfit

Spring has finally arrived but it's still not so warm. A few nice days of sunshine and when i finally get time to take photos this weekend the sun decides it's not coming out to play.

Still it means i can go out of the house without a coat or super thick tights and can wear my favourite combination of thin tights with socks over them. Normally it's over the knee socks but this time i decided to wear these super thick knee socks as the wind was chilly and i was going out for food that night so i can easily pull them up.

This top is a large mens but i like how it's basically a dress on me as i can get away with it for work. And it's a lazy throw on item.

| Outfit: | Hoodie - Primark | Flannel - Select | Top - Tkmax | Sunglasses - Primark |

She Said Beauty

Saturday, 9 April 2016

PHARAOH | Outfit

Killstar pharaoh t-shirt, new goth outfit, killstar outfit, flannel nu goth,

Killstar outfit, nu goth killstar, nu goth outfit,

This is actually a really old outfit. I took those photos last year but since it's spring time now i figured it would be a good time to post them. As soon as it warms up a little i'll be out and about like this again. I took these during my stay in Whitby. The castle was beautiful and i want to go again in summer to take more photos.

| Outfit: | Flannel - Select | T-shirt - Kill Star | Shoes - Vans |

She Said Beauty
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