Friday, 29 November 2013

Cardigan and Leather | Outfit

   | Outfit: | Cardigan - BooHoo | Scarf - New Look | Top - CuteJapaneseFashion | Leggings - BooHoo | Boots - Dr Martens | Bag - Market |

 I wore this one day i went to class. And since i do night classes i have to dress warmly or i get cold. Also photos have to be taken at dark because now that it's winter the gets darker quicker, which makes it so annoying and hard to get photos. The colours in the second photo come across to vivid. 

These leggings did not keep me as warm as i thought they would. I only bought them because they fit better than my leather jeans. But these ended up been a little baggy too. Why clothes why?

Hope you're staying warm. I'm i need of a cup of tea.


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Monday, 25 November 2013

It's Cold | Outfit

     | Outfit: | Jacket - Mums | Jeans - Primark | Hat - German Market | Bag - Leeds Market | Shoes - Ebay |

I'm wearing jeans for a change. It's not very often i wear jeans or trousers since i love wearing shorts. But it's getting colder and i don't want to wear my thermal leggings just yet. I'm trying to keep them for when it gets colder. I also felt like a big kid taking photos on this mini playground thing. I might keep wearing this denim jacket for a bit longer since it's baggy and i can put jumpers under it. Sorry for the slight grainy-ness to the first photo. It's really hard taking photos in autumn.


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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Vlog | Leeds German Christmas Market

Me and a friend decided to go to the German market mid week, which was a good idea because it wasn't super busy like it normally is. The food was so yummy and i plan to go back just to stuff my face some more. I hope you enjoy coming with me.

Would you like more vlogs?

I have embeded the video but incase it stops working click HERE to watch.

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Sorted | Secret Santa : Play it Safe vs. Silly & Stupid

Stuck on what to buy for secret Santa or a friend. With these two lists under £15 there is a lot of ideas. Some are practical others are for fun. You could even use these as stocking fillers for family. I'm sure everyone would get a laugh when someone opens some of these of Christmas day.

Personally i love these:

The cat hanger is just adorable, it would make a good gift for that friend who loves cats. The rabbit lamp i've been wanting for a long time now. If any of my friends are reading this buy me it haha. The toast usb is just so cute and kawaii.

What did you like on these lists?

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk Review


 I've been using this for a while now and figured it was about time i did a review on it. This smell divine and I'd buy it just for the smell.

What it says:
  • 3-in-1 cleansing, smoothing and revitalising milk
  • Deep purifying, T-zone declogging
  • Boosts circulation and re-energises skin
  • Melts away make-up and blackhead-causing buildup
  • Balanced for all skin types
 For cleansing it does a good job. After using this my skin feels super smooth and soft. My face feels refreshed and not as dry as usual. Which is good for me. I feel it did a little for my t-zone but nothing to noticeable as my forehead is breaking out at the moment. For washing away makeup it does an okay job. You can see the makeup melting but it doesn't wash it all way. Which is okay for me since i don't wear to much. But i still need to use a makeup remover after.

Mine is only a small bottle and i got it in a gift set. I probably would buy it again after I've finished using it and it's gentle and works okay. 

You can buy it from boots for only £8 here
It's in the new packaging which to me doesn't look as good, but it has a pump and that's always better.

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Purple Days | Outfit

     | Outfit: | Jacket - Dorothy Perkins | Hoodie - New Look | Shorts - Tesco | Creepers - Barretts |

What to do when it's rainy and windy? A hoodie and leather jacket will do. I feel i don't wear this jacket enough, i really should as i love the colour. When i was looking for this i originally wanted red but i ended up with a purple/burgundy one.


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Christmas Sorted | Dress To Impress

It's time to start thinking of that you're going to wear to Christmas parts after all Christmas is the party season an if you don't know what to wear then these lists could help.
All the hottest trends are in the lists, it might be hard to decide what you like since there is so many nice ones. There is not only dresses but trousers too.

I personally love these items:

Red Dress - Purple Dress

Follow your favourite list and you could win a £50 gift card for Missguided. 
What's your favourite item in the lists?

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Autumn Day's In | Video

I think i made this around two weeks ago, but i only just got around to uploading it.
 This is pretty much what i do during the colder months, stay in, drink tea, eat soup and read. I hibernate and stay in a lot. Can't blame me right? It's cold.

 I hope you don't mind me posting videos. If you like them i will start to make more. Or maybe vlog, would you watch it if i started to vlog?


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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Textured Outfit

      | Outfit: | Cardigan - Primark | Scarf - New Look | Trousers - Primark | Creepers - Barretts |

I love this outfit, it has different textures which i feel makes it look better than other all black outfits that don't have as much texture. Yes it's this cardigan again. I love it, it's so warm, cosy and fluffy. I know i'm going to wear it a lot this winter. As for these fake leather jeans, they don't fit me right and look a little baggy. Which is annoying as i wanted tight fitting ones. But it just means i can wear leggings under them when it gets colder.

I'll be putting my creepers away soon since they are no good for the rain and would probably get ruined. I don't want to, i love these shoes too much. But at least i'll get to wear my doc's a lot more.


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Christmas Sorted | Men's Xmas Fashion

Don't know what to buy the man in your life? These lists could help. 
 I will be buying a Christmas tshirt this year as a present for my grandad, just to annoying him and watch his reaction when he opens it. I'll probably regret it as he will more than likely wear it after Christmas too annoy me. Now is the time for novelty jumpers, it's the Christmas season after all, buy one for him for fun.

Follow your favourite list on shopcade to win a £50 gift card to topman.
You could use it to buy men's Christmas presents or simply give them the card as a present.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

EtudeHouse Essence Mask Vitamin E Review

Another facemask review, if you didn't know i love facemasks. I figured it's pointless because to show the actual facemask because they all look the same. It's a sheetmask.

What it says:
Vitamin E for Anti-Wrinkling & Moisturising and to promote skin vitality and elasticity.

I liked this facemask, as i do with most. It's a good treat for the face and always helps a little. After using it my face feels smoother and softer. It didn't do anything for the current breakout i have going on. But my face did feel bouncer. My skin felt moisturised and hydrated. The smell to me was okay, nothing to harsh. 

You can buy one here if you want.
I will be giving on of these away soon.

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