Friday, 15 September 2017

Rotterdam Trip

It wasn't that long ago that i took a trip over to Rotterdam for a few nights. I went over on the ferry which i'd never been on before. I was surprised that i could actually manage to sleep but the rooms were quite and there was next to no noise. The room was two single beds, one fixed one pulled down. There was a little vanity area and a shower/toilet room and that was all. But we weren't spending time in the room. There was multiple bars on the ship and a few shops. Which sold Yorkshire Soap Company, i wish i had bought a box but oh well.

We spent the first day just wondering around, we arrived early in the morning and couldn't check in until 2pm. However most things were closed until around mid day. So we decided to grab an uber and go to the local zoo. Which was huge! I'll do a separate post on that. Rotterdam itself is pretty.

We wanted a mid day snack and with me as a veggie we had to google and search for places that had veggie food. We came across Bram's Gourmet Fries. I had the veggie option of nachos and salsa on my chips. The best I've ever had and it tastes so amazing.

Both nights we ended up at a restaurant called Blah Blah. Best food I've had in a long long time. They are a veggie and vegan restaurant. The first night we ordered a dish that included, curried cauliflower, Lemon cuscus, spring roll and much more. The flavour was amazing and you could tell it was made with fresh ingredients. The second night we went back we had the tapas dish, it was a sharing platter of around 12 dishes for 2 or more people. Even though we got full we refused to leave any and eat until we couldn't any more. We ended up back there the second night as the other place we were going to try was closed. 

It's a very beautiful city but next time i plan to visit Amsterdam on a cruise.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pharaoh | Outfit

 This is probably my favourite killstar t-shirt, possibly my favourite all together and that includes ones with bats printed on. There is just something about it that i love and i'm not quite sure what exactly it is. The print is big and stands out, but that's the same with a lot of my t-shirts, it could be the eyes.

I just have a love for Ancient Egypt ever since i learnt about it in primary school. I plan to fill my house with stuff relating to it and I've already started with a Pharaoh ornament. 

| Outfit: | Top- Killstar | Shoes - Killstar | Bag - Restyle | Choker - Ebay |

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Too Fast Clothing | Wants | How I'd Wear

I'm still lusting after these two Too Fast Clothing items. They both feature the coffin print and i just find them to be so cute! I'm hoping to buy them very soon! Especially the hoodie for autumn weather which i would just throw on over some black basic items on my lazy days or even my black dresses for work.

The skirt I'd style so that it was the main feature. I'd keep it simple with a black top and black shoes. Throw on a pair on black tights and knee high socks in the autumn. Jewellery i would use a few stand out pieces against the black t-shirt, a long dangly necklace like my re-style pentagram one, a crystal on a shorter chain then a choker of some kind. To cover up i would use a kimono or simple cardigan.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Garden Daze | Outfit

Nugoth Summer Outfits, Goth Summer Outfit, Alternative Summer Outfit,

That one day when it was exceedingly hot and i loved it! I left the house in a different top but because it was so warm i had to go pop into primark to buy this sheer top just to go over my bikini top. I already had my bikini top on as in the summer i like to wear them under my crop tops, as it's just more comfortable.

Nugoth Summer Outfits, Goth Summer Outfit, Alternative Summer Outfit,

This is a very lazy basic outfit but i think the small details make this. The different textures help, as the top is sheer and my bottoms are lace. The pop of white on my shoes and the skill back work well. All in all it was a comfort outfit and i felt good in it!

| Outfit: | Top - Primark | Bikini Top - H&M | Shorts - Tesco | Bag - Banned Apparel | Shoes - Iron Fist |

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Miss Patisserie Bath Crumble | Review

 When i was in boots the other week just picking up some bits i stumbled across this bath crumble as well as a load of bath bombs. I'd never seen them in there before and never heard of the brand. Once i spotted that it was vegan and cruelty free i had to buy it.

According to their website all but one of their products are vegan, and free from GMOS, parabens and mineral oils. Which is great as these aren't so good for you.

What it says:

Made with natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, our bath crumble is aimed at softening your bath water and adding therapeutic benefits with the essential oils it contains. With our bath crumble you experience a variety of sensations, colours and scents that differ every time!

 Well i fell in love with it the first bath i took. It smelt AMAZING! Filled the whole of the bathroom up with fragrance. Each time i used it the bath water turned a different colour. There was blue, purple and pink. Sometimes more than one colour at once until the water mixed together. My skin felt super soft and using it and i felt relaxed. 

I will be buying more from them and trying out some of their other products like the face cream.

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

What I Actually Packed | Travel

Goth Travel Outfits, Gothic Packing, Alternative Fashion, Nugoth Travel,

Goth Travel Outfits, Gothic Packing, Alternative Fashion, Nugoth Travel,

In the end this is what I ended up taking for 4 nights away. As you can see the backpack I was using is pretty small. However it did fit everything I needed. I knew I'd have to carry it around Hull with me all day before I got on the ferry so I didn't want a big one.

Clothes and accessories I took:
Some items can't be seen in the photos like a cardigan and tights.
  • H&M Shorts
  • Disturbia vest
  • Disturbia forest dress
  • Asos black slip dress
  • Killstar banchee shoes
  • Restyle branches necklace
  • Mysticum Luna pentagram belt

Nugoth Killstar outfit shoes restyle, ootd, goth outfit

  • The body shop camomile makeup remover
  • Yes to cucumbers face wipes
  • Superdrug face mask
  • Sanctuary spa face wash and stop the clock face cream
  • Batiste mini dry shampoo
  • Bleach london shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash
I had my makeup in my everyday back, which only consists of concealer and eyeliner.

To save space roll clothes instead of fold. This is a handy tip when packing for a long holiday. It saves space and you can fit more in. Also to save on the amount you take and to stop over packing create outfits and take those instead. 

For example I picked necklaces etc that I knew would go with all the outfits I packed. 
I knew i was going for 4 nights so i packed 4 outfits. It doesn't look like it but i cam put the vest over one of the dresses to create a slightly different outfit, probably for travelling back home.

The day I was packing and taking these photos the lighting wasn't so great even though I was in front of a window with sun light pouring in. 
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Rush | Outfit

NuGoth Gothgoth Ribcage outfit

 This day i had to leave the house in a rush, i had about 30minuites to get dress. Clearly with that short a time to get ready i didn't have much time to think about what to wear. I went with a trusty rub cage print top and shorts. Because it was still a bit chilly that day i added the knee high socks, which i think looks pretty cool.

My hair is looking less green in these photos, though that could be because of the back ground. I can't wait to get my hair freshly died just before my holiday. Same colour but i might do my roots a actual blue colour, if it works that is. I'll post about it if it does. Using Manic Panic as that's pretty much the only dye that works on my hair.

| Outfit: | Top - Boohoo | Jacket - Topman | Shorts - Newlook | Boots - T.U.K footwear |

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Wednesday Inspired | Outfit

Fearless Illustration Glittering Cage Collar Tee Nugoth

Fearless Illustration Glittering Cage Collar Tee

The other weekend I went to go watch the Adams family play in Bradford. Of course I had to make a Wednesday inspired outfit and this is what I managed with the clothes I have. We all know Wednesday's clothes are known for the white collar. Well I didn't have one. I had this rib cage top however that has a collar. So I used this and threw on over a black slip dress.

The play its self was amazing! I really enjoyed It! Wednesday had a bow and arrow and had a coffin back pack that I so need. It was a play that was sent after the film's. Wednesday had fallen in love with a "normal" guy. The play was all based around the family's meeting each other for the first time before Wednesday told them they were engaged. There was quite a lot of funny moments. I would go back to see it again.

| Outfit; | Top - Fearless Illustration | Dress - Asos | Shoes - Iron Fist |

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Packing For A Short Break Abroad | Rotterdam

Trip Away NuGoth

This year apart from taking short breaks within the UK I'll be going over to Rotterdam.

I'm going on the ferry which I've never been on. So I don't intend to take a suitcase, just a medium backpack to get me through. I'll be going for in total including the nights on the ferry 4 days. I'm not counting the 5th day as i arrive back in the UK at 9am. So I'll repeat an outfit for that.

I plan to have a different outfit for each of the days I'm there. Though I will be using some items more than once. Apart from the backpack I'll use to carry all the clothes and toiletries I'll also have a small bag for every day use while I'm there. So that brings extra space. If needed I can always put something inside that.

I plan to take one dress that i might travel in and wear on a different day, for the rest I'm going to take my shorts with different tops. I could always layer a top over the dress, depending how warm it will actually be. I'll also have a thin cardigan with me, even though it's summer it can still get chilly. Also i will be taking some tights just encase. I'll probably take a thin scarf as I'll be on a ferry and it could get a little chilly. The rest will be toiletries.

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb Reviews

Yorkshire Soap Company Duck Bath Bomb, Pool Party

One day while i was in town i just stumbled into the shop Yorkshire Soap Company, i'd never been in it before and usually just go to Lush. But i'm so glad i did, they have super cute range of bathbombs for around £3 each. Everything smells amazing and it's curelty free! (I asked the staff)

Both of these bath bombs i bought because they have the little toy on top. Those are real tiny toys! They would be great for kids. They both smelt amazing and my skin after was super smooth! They fizzed around and fully changed the colour of the bath water. They however don't have these bathbombs on Yorkshire Soap Company site, or at least i can't find them. I've forgotten the name of them but they're easy to spot in store and i only have the wrapper to the duck one which is called Pool Party.

Pool Party - Time for a paddle at the Pool Party! Splash around with scents of Fresh Cotton and Lavender pure essential oils, the fun has only just begun!

 I'll be going in to buy some bath items once i've run out of everything, i've also told my mum to buy me stuff in their for xmas.
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