Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Packing For A Short Break Abroad | Rotterdam

Trip Away NuGoth

This year apart from taking short breaks within the UK I'll be going over to Rotterdam.

I'm going on the ferry which I've never been on. So I don't intend to take a suitcase, just a medium backpack to get me through. I'll be going for in total including the nights on the ferry 4 days. I'm not counting the 5th day as i arrive back in the UK at 9am. So I'll repeat an outfit for that.

I plan to have a different outfit for each of the days I'm there. Though I will be using some items more than once. Apart from the backpack I'll use to carry all the clothes and toiletries I'll also have a small bag for every day use while I'm there. So that brings extra space. If needed I can always put something inside that.

I plan to take one dress that i might travel in and wear on a different day, for the rest I'm going to take my shorts with different tops. I could always layer a top over the dress, depending how warm it will actually be. I'll also have a thin cardigan with me, even though it's summer it can still get chilly. Also i will be taking some tights just encase. I'll probably take a thin scarf as I'll be on a ferry and it could get a little chilly. The rest will be toiletries.

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb Reviews

Yorkshire Soap Company Duck Bath Bomb, Pool Party

One day while i was in town i just stumbled into the shop Yorkshire Soap Company, i'd never been in it before and usually just go to Lush. But i'm so glad i did, they have super cute range of bathbombs for around £3 each. Everything smells amazing and it's curelty free! (I asked the staff)

Both of these bath bombs i bought because they have the little toy on top. Those are real tiny toys! They would be great for kids. They both smelt amazing and my skin after was super smooth! They fizzed around and fully changed the colour of the bath water. They however don't have these bathbombs on Yorkshire Soap Company site, or at least i can't find them. I've forgotten the name of them but they're easy to spot in store and i only have the wrapper to the duck one which is called Pool Party.

Pool Party - Time for a paddle at the Pool Party! Splash around with scents of Fresh Cotton and Lavender pure essential oils, the fun has only just begun!

 I'll be going in to buy some bath items once i've run out of everything, i've also told my mum to buy me stuff in their for xmas.
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Witchy | Outfit

This is one of the outfits i ware for work when i'm feeling lazy, this cardigan is great on the plain black dress as it pops and stands out. It involves no effort and looks cute! 

| Outfit: | Cardigan - Banned Apparel | Dress - H&M |
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Snake Horror | Outfit

As much as i love this top it was way to thick to be wearing it on the day i did, it was around 30C and i regretted having such a heavy top on. But i was already in town by the time it hit me. I did however opt for the no pants look and wore it as a kind of dress. I was wearing shorts under. I often go go the oversized tshirt and shorts look in summer as its comfy.

| Outfit: | Top - Topshop | Sunglasses - Primark |

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Highgate Cemetery | Outfit

Killstar Pentagram Skirt Outfit, Nugoth, Goth

This is an outfit i wore when i was down in London just wondering around. We ended up going to Highgate Cemetery and a few other places which were mostly museums. 

I do love this killstar skirt, it's made of a super soft velvet and it looks so cool! Even though it's now summer i intend to wear this skirt more even though it's velvet. Possibly not on the extremely hot days, if they came back again.

| Outfit: | Skirt - Killstar | Boots - T.U.K |

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Wants | Killstar Dress

Killstar Wants

I'm currently lusting over this killstar dress. It would be perfect for cooler summer days and gives an effortless withcy vibe. It would look awesome with a choker and long necklace. It would be so easy to pair with things. It could even go all the way into autumn as it's got long sleeve, just add a t shirt under it for some more cover over the shoulders. I'm hoping to buy it soon!

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Coffin | Outfit

There is one thing I love about this top and that is it's so easy to wear and pair with a lot or simple wear it on it's own. The repeated print makes it stand out on it's own as it is. Though it is made of thicker material so I wouldn't be wearing it in this current heat.

| Outfit: | Top - Folter | 

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Rino | Outfit

This is one of the outfits i wore while i was down in London to see Miyavi live! I was hoping it would be warmer but unfortunately it wasn't. On the day we decided to go to Camden for the morning to kill some time until Miyavi (He was great live!) was playing that night. I was a little chilly so i went into a store and bought a Banned Apparel cardigan. The guy in the shop tried charging me a lot more than what they usually are priced at, but thankfully it been Camden you can haggle and i got it knocked down quite a bit. If you follow me on instagram i've posted a outfit picture of me wearing it here.  I plan to wear this dress a lot more in the summer so i don't have to cover it with a big jacket and let the lace on it stand out.

| Outfit: | Jacket - Gift | Dress - Jilted Generation | Boots - T.U.K |

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-up Remover | Review

The Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-up Remover Review

 Today i'll me reviewing this eye makeup removed. I've been using it for a while now and found i quite like it. It works reasonably well. I bought the small bottle to try it and i've has it quite a few months now. I mostly use it just to remove concealer on work days.

What it says:
Melt away eye make-up around the eyes. Our Camomile eye make-up remover gently cleanses, leaving the skin smooth and clean.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers
  • Camomile extract from Norfolk, England
  • Removes eye make-up
  • No added fragrance, colour or alcohol
  • Leaves lashes and lids feeling softer and clean

I've found it is very gentle on the eye and hasn't irritated them at all, unlike some others that can slightly sting the eye area. As i said above i use it for concealer the most, which it does great at removing. It even managed to remove my water proof liquid eyeliner. The one it does struggle with however is pencil eyeliner, it's not as effective at removing it but it still does do the job. I would buy this again as it's great for everyday use for me. I also do wear contact lens and have used this while they have still been in my eye and i've had no problems.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Summer Dreaming | Outfit

Waiting for it to be summer so that i can wear most of the things in my wardrobe without feeling cold. Cute crop tops lay in their draws wanting to be warn. Cool tights wanting to be seen by the word. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when there was a rare warm sunny day. I found new love for this kimono and plan on wearing it a lot in the summer months. 

| Outfit: | Top -  Primark | Shorts - NewLook | Kimono - Noisy May |

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Killstar Duality Dress | Outfit

Killstar Duality Dress

Easy throw on outfit that can be changed up multiple times with different tights or jackets. I love this dress because it's so simple but at the same time stands out against everything else. It's easy to style and pair with everything. It's also very soft and comfortable. I do own this in a size medium or large since i wanted it to be baggy. 

 Outfit: | Jacket - Gift | Dress - Killstar | Boots - T.U.K | Bag - Banned Apparel |

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

What I Wear For Work | Nu Goth Outfits

NuGoth Work Outfits

 NuGoth allows me to show my dark side even at work. And lets be honest i'm pretty lazy and NuGoth helps with that. As much as i love the big Victorian style dresses they just aren't suitable for sitting in the office all day. And i have to adhere to some dress code. I'm pretty lucky in my office that i can have my hair dyed any colour (Green hair wooh) and pretty much wear what i want within reason. NuGoth to me is taking "Gothic" symbols and items such as the skull and adding it to modern tailoring. Hence why i love killstar so much, and sometimes looks "witchy"

The above outfit i can wear with so many different tops and shoes and appear to be a different outfit, or i'd switch the skirt out for a maxi skirt.  I love how the skulls match nicely with the moons. I added my paint splatter dr martens to keep within the black and white theme.


 This outfit is properly one of my more "grown up" looking outfits. Simple black dress with mesh over it, adding some printed tights so the outfit doesn't appear to flat. With these type of outfits it's easy to accessorise in many different ways. Since it was still pretty chilly i added the scarf for a bit of texture and comes in handy during the windy periods of the day.


This is a outfit i use many times at work. I throw on a crop top over a plain strappy black dress. It's easy to put on in the morning and is comfy for the whole day. Sometimes i even put on a standard t-shirt and tie it at the side so it gives the illusion that it's a crop top. Otherwise with this dress i'd just look like i was wearing a lot of fabric. 

The top outfit is probably my favourite, i  wore the skirt a lot when i first bought it and i love the cardigan! How do you feel about NuGoth?

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