Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Pumpkin Tee | Outfit

Pumpkin t-shirt, halloween everyday

I know halloween is over but that will never stop me from wearing spooky clothes. I don't often wear this tee and i don't know why. It's a big print and stands out so it's got everything i look for in a tee.

 I layered the t-shirt over a long vest and i have to say i'm loving this combo. I've been getting more use out of this vest lately by using a belt to section other tops or just wearing it over a dress to create a flowey look. Safe to say there will be me outfits with this vest layered under other items. I'm thinking of using some of my crop tops for this. However i may just make this outfit again but with different t-shirts and tights.

| Outfit: | Top - Gift | Vest - H&M | Shorts - Tesco | Bag - Restyle | Boots | T.U.K |

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Killstar Wants

Killstar Wants

When am i ever not wanting something from killstar? Their stuff looks cool and it's good quality. Most of the stuff i want at the moment (which i couldn't find on polyvore) is t-shirts, hoodies and socks. But these are a few items that i've been lusting over for a long time or they've just come out.

I feel like mermaid style jumper will be great in autumn and winter and would be easy for me to throw on for work, which is one of the reasons i want it, that and i feel like it would be good for iceland. The eye bag, kind of been wanting that since it came out a while ago. Same reasons for wanting the black hoodie dress. I've got a similar one however it's got a huge ankh on and i want a plane one.

The Marilyn Manson hoodie i'm wanting for both me and my partner, though he'd probably end up wearing it most of the time. We're both a fan of his and i feel it will be good for the lazy days to snuggle into.

Do you want anything from killstar right now?

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cozy Clothing Season

Time for jumpers and cardigans!

 So the temperature has dropped and it's time to dig out the cosy clothes again. I love autumn since you get to snuggle into cute jumpers and cardigans and not over heat. As i pretty much power walk to work i can't wear a coat, so i nice warmish cardigan is good for those mornings.
This dead cute jumper from iron fist is probably one of my favourites, it's quite thin but it's still pretty warm and of course cute! Just look at that little coffin! I can layer a long sleeve top under this to keep me warm however.

The star cardigan i actually do wear quite regularly to work as it's knitted but is breathable as i walk to work. Which i'm not sure where i got it from as i've had it a lot of years, maybe mango. If i decide to wear it on a practically
chilly morning which we've been having recently, i will layer a thin black cardigan under it. As i do a lot in the autumn months.

Throw on a scarf or beanie and i'm good to go for the day.

Though this is probably my go to uniform for work in autumn and most of winter. I got this hooded cardigan from H&M probably over a year again and i wear it a lot. I'm always throwing this on as it's easy to wear and keeps me warm. Most of the days i will be seen in this at work. However i'm always wearing something different under it. As it's plain black it goes with anything, i say that but all of my clothes are black. The length of it is also great, though i am on the look out for a full length cardigan.

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Christmas Tv and Music Gift Guide*

 TV and Music Gift Guide

It's that time of year again now that Halloween is over, time to think about what to buy people for Christmas and buying for some people can be tricky as they can be picky. So for me it's easier to buy items for people based around things they like such as TV shows and music. It narrows down what to buy for them and you know they will like it as it's something they enjoy listening to or watching.

With new seasons of every ones favourite shows coming out this year why not buy them something around that. It could be a simple pop funko to items of clothing such as everyone favourite Christmas item, pyjamas! It's cold and who doesn't love getting some new pyjamas to snuggle into? You can change into them the same day you get then, having new PJ's to wear just feels nice. We all know someone who could do with some new ones. Or since Christmas is in during winter why not buy someone a scarf or beanie, they always come in handy for those cold December and January morning. I have a beanie that says "Winter is coming" which is clearly a game of thrones reference.

My picks are based on what i think anyone would like and have some use for. Items that are practical and some that aren't but decoration items are always nice to have.

The Walking Dead:
Everyones favourite Zombie show.
There is always an excuse to buy someone a new cup even if they have way to many already. It's something easy as there is many designs to choose from and everyone will like it. Pop funkos as people like to collect them and they're just look cute!

Game Of Thrones:
Take away the blues of having to wait a year or so for the next season with some game of thrones related items. Found out what their favourite house is a buy them a t-shirt with the house symbol on. Or a boxset of the seasons up to now.

Or is music is more their scene a few new albums have been realised this year. My picks for my loved ones would be;

 Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down 
Marilyn's latest album is fantastic and fans seem to be enjoying it.
If they're a big fan and already own the album you could always buy a t-shirt or hoodie which is related to this album.

Motionless In White - Graveyard Shift
This album came out earlier this year and it's fantastic. The whole album is strong. Again if they already own this album then there is always the option of buying them a t-shirt so they can represent the bands they love.

Winter Warmers;
As i said above it's always great to buy items that can be useful for the winter, not only will they get some use out of the item but you'll get to see them wear it a lot and it will remind them of you. Beanies, gloves and scarfs, are always useful as they can change an outfit and within winter since we wear coats most of the time winter accessories can help with not feeling like you're always in the same things. I know i love owning a few different scarfs so i can change them around to create different looks depending on what I'm wearing.

Safe to say Christmas gifts don't have to be sets of smelly stuff including shower gel etc.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween | Wants

Halloween Clothes Wants

It's that time of year again when i go out looking for clothes that only come out around Halloween. Spooky items are what mostly fill up my wardrobe and i can't help but buy more, even if i only wear them for bed. 

As I've now seen them i want a Casper t-shirt, it's so cute! I'm hoping topshop will still have some in store this weekend. I'm aware the ghost busters top is technically a "boys" t-shirt from the H&M kids range but they do up to age 14 so i hope that will fit.

  • Casper Top - Topshop
  • Eyes Top - Topshop
  • Mouth Jumper - H&M
  • Pentacle Top - Boohoo
  • Ghost Busters Top - H&M
  • Pumpkin Shirt - Boohoo
  • Eyes Jumper - H&M
  • Skeleton Top - H&M

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Flowy Dress & Fishnets - Last Summer Outfit

 This is the last summer outfit i took picture off. Finally got around to wearing my fishnet tights too.
This is a very basic outfit but the dress is super flowy so looks nice on its own.
I threw on my killstar star shoes and some simple necklaces which are my long pentagram one and bat necklace.

I've been thinking about dying this dress black as i think i would wear it more often that way, however i love how it looks already. I'm not sure. If it was black i would be able to wear it with more of my shorter jackets. I'll think about doing it this winter.

| Outfit: | Dress - H&M | Pentagram Necklace - Restyle | Bat Necklace - Spookybox | Bag - Restyle | Shoes - Killstar |

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Halloween Tag

Halloween Tag 

1) What is your favourite halloween movie?
Does Nighmare before christmas count?
2) How much do you enjoy halloween on a scale of 1-10?
10. Even if i don't go out to halloween parties i still enjoy the spooky things and spending the night watching horror movies.
3) What if your fondest halloween memory?
Last year when me and my partner went to a spooky experience, this was an outside showing of the exorcist. I dressed up as a creepy doll, drank some alcohol in a blood pack, ate yummy food. It was cold but fun!
4) Have you always been a halloween lover?
Yes and no. I've always liked spooky things but some years halloween annoyed me because i didn't quite know how to make it my own.
 5) How do you get into the halloween spirit?
Buying all the halloween decorations for my house, yes they stay around all the year!
6) Favourite halloween decorations?
Skulls and Bats! I have bats stuck all over my walls, they're just so cute!
7) Favourite halloween/autumn scent?
Anything spiced, i love spiced smells, but more than likely i'll buy spiced apple.
8) What is your favourite halloween sweet?
Any chocolate i don't care.
9) What is your weird/odd fear?
The hole's thing that this seasons American Horror Story (cult) promo pictures are around. I'm not googling the name to find it.
10) What are you going as this year?
I'm probably just going to stay in or go to a spooky experience so nothing.
11) Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes, i believe there is something, everything has an energy so if what we leave behind is a ghost then that's what it is.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Rotterdam Trip

It wasn't that long ago that i took a trip over to Rotterdam for a few nights. I went over on the ferry which i'd never been on before. I was surprised that i could actually manage to sleep but the rooms were quite and there was next to no noise. The room was two single beds, one fixed one pulled down. There was a little vanity area and a shower/toilet room and that was all. But we weren't spending time in the room. There was multiple bars on the ship and a few shops. Which sold Yorkshire Soap Company, i wish i had bought a box but oh well.

We spent the first day just wondering around, we arrived early in the morning and couldn't check in until 2pm. However most things were closed until around mid day. So we decided to grab an uber and go to the local zoo. Which was huge! I'll do a separate post on that. Rotterdam itself is pretty.

We wanted a mid day snack and with me as a veggie we had to google and search for places that had veggie food. We came across Bram's Gourmet Fries. I had the veggie option of nachos and salsa on my chips. The best I've ever had and it tastes so amazing.

Both nights we ended up at a restaurant called Blah Blah. Best food I've had in a long long time. They are a veggie and vegan restaurant. The first night we ordered a dish that included, curried cauliflower, Lemon cuscus, spring roll and much more. The flavour was amazing and you could tell it was made with fresh ingredients. The second night we went back we had the tapas dish, it was a sharing platter of around 12 dishes for 2 or more people. Even though we got full we refused to leave any and eat until we couldn't any more. We ended up back there the second night as the other place we were going to try was closed. 

It's a very beautiful city but next time i plan to visit Amsterdam on a cruise.

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