Saturday, 31 August 2013

Favourite Perfume

| DKNY Be Delicious | CK One Shock | Avril Lavigne Black Star |

Probably my favourite perfumes of all time. I buy ck one shock and black star all the time since they're cheaper. Black star been the cheapest. As much as i love the DKNY one i don't want to pay the price for it, but i end up getting them for Christmas. I also love Diesel Fuel For Life Her. But i haven't had that in a while, guess that will be on my Christmas wish list.

So what is your favourite perfume?

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back To School - Collage/Uni - Monochrome

 | Outfit: | Jacket - Ebay | Top - Men's Primark | Leggings - BHS | Shoes - Barrets | Necklaces - Ebay + Gift |

This one is a little but smarter, for those who like to dress smart. I think it's the jacket that makes this outfit appear smart, as the rest of it is just casual clothes. I love to detail to the jacket and it has to be the best thing i've bought on ebay. It's very well made. It does seem to have a brand label but it's in Korean so i don't know what it says.

I'm always on the lookout for long tops that cover the bum so i can wear them with leggings, finding it hard to find them though. Why is that? So i decided just to buy men's t-shirts, they're clearly longer.

Sorry for the first photo, the lighting was really bad in it, i tried to edit the lighting but it didn't help much. Hope you don't mind the glitter around it.

Shop for similar things below.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Update | Balmi Lip Balm Reivew

A while ago i posted this as a new find. So today i wanted to let you know that it is amazing. Not the best lipbalm but better than a lot of the others. It's moisturizing and lasts a while. It smells divine. I suffer from dry lips and this has helped a lot, the effects last so long that i don't need to apply it as much as i have done with some other lips balms. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky on the lips.

Well that is all. Have you tried these?

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Which Bag Are You? | Everyday Outfit | #NextBagItUp.

| Outfit: | Jumper | Necklace | Boots | Jeans | Backpack |

Next have a little quiz to take to find out which bag is for you. I got rucksack. Which i'd say is kind of right, i use my backpack for uni and when i know i'm going to buy a lot. Made a little outfit using the bag i got an everyday outfit, which i would wear. I am in love with those boots and might have to go buy them since i need new black ones.

The quiz is a lot like those quizes you would find in those magazines for girls a long while ago.

Do the quiz below:

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back To School - Collage/Uni - Boyfriend Jeans

     | Outfit: Jeans - Primark | Sorry i don't know where the rest is from they're old |

 These jeans are super comfy. They're very baggy but perfect for days where you can't really be bothered to get dressed and go out. The cardigan is very lightweight so it's perfect for the in between months. The pockets are huge, my phone which normally sticks out a little doesn't in these. 

The only problem i have with primark jeans is that they only come in 32" leg. Which is way to long for me. I had to get my mum to take them up.

I do love the small detail on the jeans, the studs are what made me give in and buy them. Love a bit of studs.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Soap & Glory - The Fab Pore Facial Peel Review

 Intensive-Action Pore Refining Facial Peel.
I've been using this for a while. I use it when i feel like my skin needs an extra cleaning. It isn't harsh on the skin but i feel it deep cleans better than a face wash. It's easy to apply, just massage onto the face until the beads disappear.

What it says:

The Fab Pore™ has an intensive pore refining action with our exclusive PORESHRINK-R COMPLEX™. Ideal for greasy, spot prone or problem skin, or for a strategic attack on a misbehaving T-zone.
  • FOMES OFFICINALIS EXTRACT: A mushroom extract to tighten pores.
  • SALICYLIC ACID: which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging
  • KAOLIN: that’s ‘cosmetic’ for clay. It sops up extra oil on your skin and smoothes your skin’s surface
  • VITAMINS E & C: Antioxidants. Just because you’re oily, doesn’t mean you’re not aging 

As you probably know salicylic acid is good for acne. So this helps to fight any breakouts that you might have. I can always see a difference to my skin after using it. It leaves the skin very smooth and tightened a little. I can't quite place the smell, but it's subtle and not bad. My pores do look smaller. 

 I tend to use it maybe once a month or every two months. It's a big-ish tub so it lasts a long time. I'm not even half way through the tub yet and I've had it since January i think. 

Overall it does it's job and i would probably buy it again. It costs £10 at boots or £9.50 at Havery Nicholes.

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Forever Want | Underground Creepers

This is the last in my forever want. Underground creepers. I really want a pair of these, but they cost a bomb at £90+. I have no idea if they will last longer than a normal pair. Mine from Barretts have started splitting. I've looked at them in shops and they are a lot heavier than other creepers, which leads me to believe the sole isn't hollow.

Should i do more series posts?

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What's In My Bag

| Rilakkuma Small Purse Charm |  Bag - Tesco |
| From The Top | Purse | Diodrant | Cookie Mirror | Rimmel Eyeliner | Phone | Card holder | Gatsby Blotting Paper | Headphones | Small Purse |

 This is my everyday bag and as you can see it's quite small. I only carry what i might need on a daily bacis. I don't have many charms on my bag, just a small Rilakkuma purse charm for my bus ticket, it makes it easier to reach for and a cute dog my mum got for my at the german market last year.

In summer i would normally have sunglasses with me. Also there is normally tissues in my bag, but i ran out.I have a load of cards for some reason. 15 to be exact, so i only have the important ones i use most in my purse. The small purse is for change so i don't over fill the big one, which is always full of receipts.

Cookie Mirror - Buy here | Card Holder - Buy here |

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Back To School - Collage/Uni - Lazy Day

     | Outfit: Hoodie - NewLook | Jeggings - Primark | Glasses - Gok Wan |

Series of posts on outfits i would wear to class. Change them according to your style, add or take things away. I tried to keep them all as simple as possible.

  Luckily for me, the class i'm taking is at night. But last year i did mornings. This would be what i would wear if i had no time to get ready. Simple, comfy and casual. Finally wearing my Gok Wan glasses! No heals as i have to walk up a big hill.

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Extra Uses For Hand Cream

Just a quick post on other uses for hand cream than the given one.
  1. Smoothing split ends.
  2. Controlling static on your clothes
  3. Shoe polish
  4. Control frizz
  5. For your feet  
These are just want i've seen around on the internet a few times. 

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Liebster Award

So i was nominated for this by Ash, you can see her blog here. Thank you very much for this, it made my morning ^_^
I've seen this award on a few blogs and never thought someone would nominate me.


  1) You link back to the person who nominated you
  2) You answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you
3) You pick 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate
  4) You ask 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  5) You go to each nominated person's blog and let them know you've done the post
1) What is your favourite product for summer/Winter?
I'd say lip balm. Because my lips are always dry in both winter and summer. A lot more in winter.

2) Neon or Pastel colours?
Pastel, no doubt, i love pastel colours. My favourite colour is lilac after all.
3) What is the reason behind the name of your blog?
Emski is a sort of nickname, so i figured i'd use it and add hello. Kind of a boring reason.
4) What is your everyday foundation?
I use bb cream and the one i use the most is Skin Food Mushroom 
5) Favourite nail polish brand & shade?
I'd have to say BarryM because they seem to stay on the nails for a few days before chipping. I don't have a favourite shade.
  6) Favourite Blogger/Youtuber?
Now this is a hard question. I'll have to go with Lindy at bubzbeauty. She just seems really kind and down to earth.
7) If you had an unlimited amount of money but you could only purchase
items from two shops - what would they be?
Can i say tesco? They have clothes, makeup, food, electronics. That way i can buy what i need. Also topshop because i love their clothes, i don't shop in there much because of the prices.
8) Favourite perfume?
CK one shock. Been using it since it came out, i love the smell.
9) Who is your style inspiration?
This might sound bad, but i don't have one. I'm just inspired by everything around me. People on the streets ect.
  10) High street or high end make up?
High street. I don't have money to spend on high end, and even if i did i still wouldn't.
11) What type of posts do you like to read the most? ie; reviews, hauls, first impressions? etc.
Hauls and outfit posts. I love to see how people style things and maybe find some new clothes.
I nominate:

My Questions: 
1) What made you start blogging?
2) You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, which food is it?
3) Favourite place to shop for fashion/beauty things?
4) What post would you like to do that you haven't already done?
5) A random fact about yourself is?
6) Favourite item of clothes?
7) What can't you live without?
8) Somewhere you want to visit?
9) Favourite tv show?
10) One thing you want to try doing but haven't yet? (Like horse riding ect)
11) The ultimate question, dogs or cats?

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Back To Basics (Outfit)

I should probably stop taking photos here, it always takes a while to get photos with the right light. The first photo probably isn't needed but i like it.

Such a basic outfit because i was lazy and tired that day. Yes for once i am wearing my glasses, only because my eyes were tired. I don't like wearing them out, i should have wore my others with the outfit though. Sorry Gok Wan i will wear your glasses eventually haha.

Hope you're enjoying whatever it is you're doing ^_^

Top - CuteJapaneseFashion
Leggings - Primark
Glasses - Specsavers

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