Thursday, 22 March 2012

Japanese Wrighting Essay (Post contains Japanese)

So for my Japanese class i had a to wright an essay about a random day. I choose to wright about what i did on my birthday, since i couldn't think of anything else.

I only have to wright one and a half sides of paper. So this is enough. But i might add some more onto it before i hand it in. My hiragana wrighting is horrible.


I basically say when i got up, what i had for breakfast, how i got to class, the time class started and ended. What i normally do after class, but what i did on my birthday instead. I went shopping and bought somethings, went to a cafe and had some food. What my favourite tv programs are. Just stuff like that.


  1. You wrote it very good, completely. Did you write it with someone's help? Most friends who is learning japanese have some mistakes when they write some article. But you got it nicely!! I'd love to wait next. がんばってね!!

    1. ありがとう My teacher helped me witht he corrections.


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