Monday, 27 August 2018

Three Summer Outfits

Three Summer Outfits;
I get very lazy with most outfits in the summer as i just want to be comfortable and not over heat. Though it still includes all black and "spooky" things such as bats.
These are a few outfits I've warn this summer.

The first one is what i like to call my fancier summer outfit, mostly because i think this killstar top just looks more put together.

| Outfit: | Top - Killstar | Skirt - H&M | Shoes - Iron Fist |

This outfit is my casual run to the shops mid-afternoon on a weekend. It has bats all over the top which i love, and i keep buying items with bats on, how many tops with bats do i need?
The shorts i wear all the time and are just simple lace black ones. I threw on the kimono as i'd had a little sunburn from a week before and didn't want to make it worse.

| Outfit: | Kimono - Boohoo | Shorts - Tesco | Shoes - Converse |

The final outfit is my lazyday outfit.
It was way to hot and humid the day i wore this, i couldn't be bothered to figure out what to wear and this is baggy and lose and kept me from over heating. Where the laces are there is tiny holes which also helped keep me cool. I just threw it on and knew i didn't have to do much else to make it look like a good outfit, though i did regret wearing the boots, but most of my shoes are boots.

| Outfit: | Dress - Killstar | Boots - Primark | 


I am now looking forward to autumn and i'm glad the temperate has already dropped, though i do have a bbq planned for next week so i hope it doesn't rain on that day,
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