Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween | Wants

Halloween Clothes Wants

It's that time of year again when i go out looking for clothes that only come out around Halloween. Spooky items are what mostly fill up my wardrobe and i can't help but buy more, even if i only wear them for bed. 

As I've now seen them i want a Casper t-shirt, it's so cute! I'm hoping topshop will still have some in store this weekend. I'm aware the ghost busters top is technically a "boys" t-shirt from the H&M kids range but they do up to age 14 so i hope that will fit.

  • Casper Top - Topshop
  • Eyes Top - Topshop
  • Mouth Jumper - H&M
  • Pentacle Top - Boohoo
  • Ghost Busters Top - H&M
  • Pumpkin Shirt - Boohoo
  • Eyes Jumper - H&M
  • Skeleton Top - H&M

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Flowy Dress & Fishnets - Last Summer Outfit

 This is the last summer outfit i took picture off. Finally got around to wearing my fishnet tights too.
This is a very basic outfit but the dress is super flowy so looks nice on its own.
I threw on my killstar star shoes and some simple necklaces which are my long pentagram one and bat necklace.

I've been thinking about dying this dress black as i think i would wear it more often that way, however i love how it looks already. I'm not sure. If it was black i would be able to wear it with more of my shorter jackets. I'll think about doing it this winter.

| Outfit: | Dress - H&M | Pentagram Necklace - Restyle | Bat Necklace - Spookybox | Bag - Restyle | Shoes - Killstar |

She Said Beauty

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Halloween Tag

Halloween Tag 

1) What is your favourite halloween movie?
Does Nighmare before christmas count?
2) How much do you enjoy halloween on a scale of 1-10?
10. Even if i don't go out to halloween parties i still enjoy the spooky things and spending the night watching horror movies.
3) What if your fondest halloween memory?
Last year when me and my partner went to a spooky experience, this was an outside showing of the exorcist. I dressed up as a creepy doll, drank some alcohol in a blood pack, ate yummy food. It was cold but fun!
4) Have you always been a halloween lover?
Yes and no. I've always liked spooky things but some years halloween annoyed me because i didn't quite know how to make it my own.
 5) How do you get into the halloween spirit?
Buying all the halloween decorations for my house, yes they stay around all the year!
6) Favourite halloween decorations?
Skulls and Bats! I have bats stuck all over my walls, they're just so cute!
7) Favourite halloween/autumn scent?
Anything spiced, i love spiced smells, but more than likely i'll buy spiced apple.
8) What is your favourite halloween sweet?
Any chocolate i don't care.
9) What is your weird/odd fear?
The hole's thing that this seasons American Horror Story (cult) promo pictures are around. I'm not googling the name to find it.
10) What are you going as this year?
I'm probably just going to stay in or go to a spooky experience so nothing.
11) Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes, i believe there is something, everything has an energy so if what we leave behind is a ghost then that's what it is.

She Said Beauty
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