Friday, 25 March 2016

TV Show T-shirt Outfit | Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

At the moment i only have one Game Of Thrones t-shirt which disappoints me and i need to buy more. I tried to find one similar to mine but couldn't so i went with the classic house of stark top. However mine is the same colour so it still helps me think of ways to wear it. 

I was thinking of high waisted shorts with the top knotted at the side. Blue denim shorts to bring out the blue in the t-shirt, some cool looking fashion tights and some sports socks, along with hightops all for an easy spring/summer outfit. If i could right now i would wear this now.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Favourite Sweaters & Beanies

Killstar sweaters, Killstar unicorn sweater, Stay Creepy Co

Stay creepy co grin reaper, killstar sweaters,

Since spring appears to be just around the corner i can't wait to dig out my mostly oversized sweaters. I know sweaters aren't normally something people bring out for spring but to me spring is still freezing since it tends to be windy. 

I can't wait to wear them without a jacket as they look so much better that way. Paired with some thin tights, shorts and creepers and i will have easy quick outfits to throw on for spring. Though i can't get away with wearing these are work. The stay creepy one i can, just about. I'm also still wearing beanies into spring as the wind is just so chilly on my head and also it keeps my hair someone protected from becoming tangled.  

Sweaters | Stay Creepy Co | KillStar |
Beanies | Ebay |

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

TV Show T-shirt Outfits | American Horror Story

American Horror Story T-shirts.

I've been watching Coven  again so no doubt I'll probably end up wearing the two t-shirts i own more at the moment. 
I was thinking of how to wear them now that spring is coming. 

One outfit has to include shorts as i practically live in them. Paired it with a bomber jacket, converse and clips on my shorts for a comfy easy look that i could run around in all day. 

The other with a maxi skirt as it's still freezing in spring to me, throw some leggings under them to keep warm. Of course i had to include a flannel because i love how they look with maxi skirts. Always keep my flannels unbuttoned as i personally think it looks better. The flannel to make takes away some one the girlyness of the skirt, add some docks and you're good to go. 

I try and add some colour into my outfits with shoes or bags as i don't really like wearing colourful clothes. Spring is the time i start bringing more colour out or should i say i intend to but never fully do so.  

It's hard to choose a favourite season because i like all for different reasons but it's probably coven. What's yours?

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Small Haul | Korean Beauty Products

I decided to treat myself to some more facemasks and while i was looking bought some other stuff.

As I've tried a product with snail secretion in it before and really like it i figured the facemasks would be wonderful for my dried out winter skin. The last product with snail secretion was Mizon gel cream, which you can read a review here. Also bought eye cream with snail secretion as i battle with dark circles and figured this would work. Which is the same brand as the gel cream. I bought the green tea facemaks because i know that it's supposed to be good for your skin, worth a try i figured. I've just used one and my skin feels good, i will do a review on it soon. The whipping multi cream was not as expected as it's supposed to last 5 days, guess I'll find out. 

Then just some eyeliner as i know Etude House do some long lasting liners.

Have you tried Korean products?

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