Monday, 12 March 2012

March Glossy Box - Harrods

This month's glossy box has come and it's the Harrods edition.
I like the white box, i'd like it if the box's were white all the time.

 This month i got;

Revive Intensive Creme Lustre SPF30 - Never heard of the brand and i proberly won't use this as it's supposed to reduce the appearance of saggings skin. My skin isn't saggings. So i might pass this to my mum.

Versace Vanitasversace Eau De Parfum - Again not heard of this. I opend it to smell it and it's not something i would wear. So i have no use for this. I do like the little bottle though, it will look nice sitting with my others.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream - A brand i know. I'v had clarins from glossy box before. Again with the anti-ageing/firming stuff. I might use this, who knows.

Lancome Juicy Tubes - I have no use for this as i do not wear lip gloss, i just don't really like it. I would have been able to use it if it wasn't so glittery. Why would i want glitter on my lips? It does smell nice though, it's a smell that makes me want to eat it haha.

Bliss Blood Orange And White Pepper Body Butter - Another body cream things, kind of annoying to get two body things. It would have been okay if one was shower gel. This is proberly the only product from this box that i will actually use and even consider buying. The smell is wonderful. A very strong orange smell.

I don't know how long i will keep getting glossy box as i always seam to get anti-ageing stuff, which i have no need for as of yet. I might stop this and sign up to a differn't beauty box.

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