Saturday, 22 September 2012

Biker Jacket - Outfit Of The Day

Since it was cold and raining yesterday, i decided to dig out my leather jacket. I'v had this for a few years but never worn it as it's to big.
The hat doesn't really go, but hey it was raining and cold. I'm keeping warm.

When i walked down the stairs in the morning my dad said i looked like a biker LOL

Jacket - Present
White Jumper - Ebay
Leggings - BHS
Shoes - Garage

I am actually looking forward to winter, it might be cold but there is fun things to come, like Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas.
I can not wait for bonfire night, i love it.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lush Stepping Stone Review

I actually bought this a while ago, only just getting around to writing about it.

It smells nice, i can't describe the smell beacause i can't remember, but it's nice anyway. 
It's got lemongrass oil in it, so i guess it smells like lemons.

It really does leave the feet feeling soft and smooth. 
 Considering it has Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter, as the ingredents it should do.

I managed to get about 5/6 uses out of the stone, but breaking it apart and using a bit each time.
It breaks apart very easy as it's not a stone stone.

It crumbles easy as well, which could be seen as a downside. It desolves in water, which if you use it in the shower can be a pain. But it makes for scrubing nicer.
To make it easyer to use break off a small chunk and scrub slightly wet feet with it. Thats what i did, so it lasted a while. Bare in mind that it will make a huge mess.

I would buy this product again, and probably will the next time i go into lush.
The price is quite cheep as well at £2.95

It works, smells nice and doesn't cost a lot.
What more could you ask for?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bunny Ears - Outfit Of The Day

The photos are cropped a little, because there was my food in the background... Ooh not a good thing for a photo.

I didn't have to do much today apart from go take some books back. So i just wore a simple outfit.

Top - Ebay
Leggings - BHS
Glasses - Specsavers.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I braved going to the hair dressers for a haircut. I hate going because everytime i'v been my hair has always been cut wrong.
But i went to a new place, it's a place my mum goes to, so i trusted her advice that the women wouldn't cut my hair wrong.
It's local and only down the road from me. Unfortunatly she is closing next week since she's having a baby. But i will probably get my hair cut by her again since she's going to be doing it from home.

 All i got done was had my bangs made into more of a fringe, i was originally planning on keeping my side fringe but, ah well. I also got a lot of short choppy layers. Which will look better once i get back into the hang of styling my hair. Since lately i'v just been leaving my hair naturally. Unfortunatly i was having a bad camera day and these were the best photos i could get -_-

(This photo was taken with my webcam, so it's low quality)
^ I like my haircut, i am pleased for once.

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Man tshirt day... Outfit of the day.

Last one for fun :)
It was an early morning, and i was very sleepy. So it's oversized day :) Man shirt wooh!!!
Which to be honist doesn't look like a man shirt, but it is hehe.
I really couldn't be botherd to go out that day. But i had too :(

Top - Primark
Denim Jacket - It was my mums, until i stole it & added studs to it.
Leggings - BHS
Black Braclets - Ebay
Skull Necklace - It was a present
Skull Breclets - International
Rings - Ebay
Shoes - They were a present.
Bag - Some shop that's no longer around.
Headphones - Beats
Can't forget my bunny case! (Which actualy isn't made for my phone, i cut a hole in it hehe)

^ Not part of my outfit, but i'v had the song on repeat all day. I'm addicted to it. No i'm addicted to the group. It's Crash by B.A.P They are Korean and they rock!!

Anyone listen to any kpop?

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