Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Not Normal | Outfit

LazyOaf Not Normal Tote, Bunny Beanie

Alternative street style, asos socks, creepers

Lazy Oaf not normal, creepers

I had to have this bag no matter what. I love LazyOafs designs and this bag was coming to me no matter what! I was not stopping until i had it, though it has been years since i last used a tote bag. But i have a feeling i can use this with a lot of outfits. I have some ideas spinning in my head at the moment. Other than the bag this is a pretty basic outfit, so much so i had to add these knee high socks over my leggings to give the outfit some dimension.

| Outfit: | Beanie - Ebay | Cardigan - Primark | Top - H&M | Socks - Asos | Bag - LazyOaf | Creepers - Barretts |

She Said Beauty

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bad Witch | Outfit

Alternative work OOTD

Pulp Bad Witch Beanie

Alternative work clothes

Pulp Alternative beanie outfit

Finally getting around to posting a new outfit and using my new camera for it.

I wore this outfit to work and took these photos after i finished. It is pretty much a basic outfit but i think the fluffy cardigan elevated the outfit a level. I've also been living in the my choker, i think I've wore it almost every day for a month. It's simple to style and easy to wear, that and it doesn't get stuck in my clothes. Thankfully it was a sunny day so i managed to get some well lit photos of the outfit and played around a bit with taking photos. I'm done with winter now and i need summer.

| Outfit: | Beanie - Pulp | Cardigan - Primark | Top - H&M | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - Vans |

She Said Beauty
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