Wednesday, 28 March 2012

One pair of shorts three outfits

Since it's quite warm i could wear my shorts. YAY!
Even thought it only got up to 20 degrees Celsius there has been no wind, so it's been nice and warm.

 Some how i think i look younger in that outfit ^
Hello Kitty glasses woooooh!! ^_^

Got a little cooler so i just added the cardigan, makes a nice layered look.

I am so pale! I'll be like that all through summer as well, i do not tan.
The black popping out from under my shots are safety shorts, the shorts I'm wearing tend to go upwards. If that made any sence.

First Outfit
Hello Kitty Glasses - Ebay
Holy Jumper - Ebay
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts - Ebay
Socks - I don't remember you can buy them anywere

Second Outfit
Sun Glasses - It was New Look or Primark
Skull Jumper - Ebay
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts- Ebay

Third Outfit
Gray and White Shawl - Forever21
Owl Necklace - I don't remember but Clair's sell them.
Red Top - Primark
Black Cardigan - I don't remember the shop isn't there anymore.
Shorts - Primark
Safety Shorts - Ebay


  1. I love the way you've layered the shorts, it looks great :) x

  2. Great outfits and you look so cutie!




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