Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to make a necklace/earring hanger

I had no wear to put my necklaces, and i like to be able to see them, so i can choose easily when i'm getting dressed.

What you will need:
1)Hanger - One that you can hang trousers from.
2)A old scalf.
3)Needle and thread
6)Safety pins

Start by stitching the sides together, to stop it from flapping around. Just a basic stitch, in one end out the other, tie it of by putting the needle through the fabric once more, but this time don't pull the string all the way though, leave a little loop. Then put the needle through the loop and pull.
To hang the necklaces, you will need to make loops to hang them from.
Thread the needle through and tie it off, leave a little space and tie it off from the other end. Then you have a loop

 Just fasten your necklaces to the loops. The loops should be strong enough to hold then. For earrings just hock them into the scalf.

If you have some necklaces that are to heavy, you can use some safety pins to hold them. Like i have done for the bottom necklaces. When you're finished it should look something like this. You can make it look how ever you want.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Smart Casual

I went to look for a job today, so i thought i would dress smartish :)
And look employable.

I love this blazer, because there's differn't ways to wear it, thanks to the buttons.

Scalf - I don't remember were i got it from
Black Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Garage
Hat - Clairs

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fashion Trend - Colours skinnys

Coloured skinny jeans are everywere now. This time it seams to be more pastal colours. From everything to yellow, pink, brown, blue, lilac.
Topshop - £38

Republic - £29.99

Republic - £30

River Island - £40 I'v seen this style around other shops too. - £25
My favourites have to be the Topshop and River Island ones, just for the simple fact that i love Lilac and Yellow. I will most deferntly be buying some lilac and yellow jeans.
I already have some coloured skinnys as i love them, but i will be getting more :)

It seams pastal colour trend is not only for the jeans. But everything else. I am loving it because it's soft and femanin.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Finding Foundation For Your Skin

Oily skin - Should go for a mineral powder, it has mineral extracts which will help sooth skin. It will also help protect from sun damage as it has a natural SPF.

Dry Skin - Liquid or creamy foundation. The moisture from it will help replenish skin.

Even skin - Tinted moisturiser or BB cream. They will help to hide any imperfections while not been so heavy on the skin. Most BB creams tend to have SPF as well.

Pressed powders are good for useing over scars and blemishes.

Outfit Of The Day

It's cold out, but not freezeing. What better way to keep warm than layering. Start with the thinkest and work your way up to the thickest.A nice warm jumper to keep the chill away. A chunky think cardigan to keepme warm. Don't forgetthe chunky scalf.

Yellow and pink do clash, but i though it looked nice anyway. Colour clashing is always nice, you just have to be careful what colours you pair together.

I would normaly wear bright blue jeans with this pink jumper, as they go well togetther.

Scalf - Primark
Black Jeans - Primark
Jumper - New Look
Cardigan - I don't remember were i got it from.

Emski Xx
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