Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Small Origins Haul | Free Offer

When i learnt origins had an offer on for three deluxe samples with any skincare purchase i jumped at the chance of trying them. I've never tried anything by origins before. I've always wanted to try the spot remover but didn't quite want to pay the price for a tiny bottle. But since all i payed for was the spot remover and got everything else for free and figured it's worth the price. Not only that but the postage was free and you got two normal samples as well.

You can chose between three packages and i chose the best youth protectors. I haven't tried them yet as i only got them yesterday but i will say they smell divine. I will be reviewing everything once I've tried them as you can just buy them anyway.

As of right now there is only that one and the anti-agers left. So if you want to try them best act quickly.

She Said Beauty


  1. I've never tried Origins products before! Looking forward to your reviews!
    Not sure if you'd be interested but I'm starting an Anti-Ageing Blog Project, would love to have you on board if you fancy it. Check out my blog for more info.
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. I don't think i'd be of any use to that project as i'm 21 and don't really use anti-ageing products yet. But it does sound like fun. ^_^

  2. I've not tried Origins before but everyone seems to love them! Will keep an eye out for your reviews :)

    Ria x

  3. Oo this is such a great deal! I was thinking of getting the Drink Up Intensive mask (possibly for Christmas or my birthday) but I'm definitely tempted to get it now haha.

    Millie x
    Hidden Beauty♥

    1. I'm not sure if the offer is still there, they were running out fast. Hope you manage to get one.


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