Friday, 27 September 2013

Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner Review

I've been using this for at least a year now and i love it. 

What it says:
This gentle Sanctuary toner helps to balance skin’s pH levels and minimises the appearance of open pores without stripping or drying skin. 

You can really feel it working, it's a slight tingling feeling, nothing painful or anything though. Use as a normal toner after cleaning and before face cream. I love that this is in a spray bottle (Not shown in the photo sorry) so you can spray it directly onto the skin without the need of cotton pads and use as a topup during the day if needed. It's naturally fragranced with plant extracts and essential oils so it has a slight smell but nothing overwhelming.

I feel it has improved the appearance of my pores, not that they have gone completely. But they are less visible. It doesn't dry out the skin and is very gentle, which is good for me since i already have dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and very soft and smoother. You do need to use a few sprays to get the cotton pad wet though. I would buy this again, actually i already have as this one has run out.

 You can buy it for £9 at boots here.

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  1. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Check it out here:
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  2. I really like Sanctuary body products and although they are a little pricey, Boots usually have 3-4-2 offers on! I really need to try some of their face care products as well because they look amazing, like this toner. Plus, I have had my eye on their thermal face mask for a while now!

    Your blog is really cute btw, I've followed via GFC!

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    1. I haven't tried much of their skincare too. Just a few, i mainly have their body stuff. It depends which ones you buy, they have the higher up ones that are pricey and the lower down ones.

      Thanks for following ^_^


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