Sunday, 22 September 2013

Compressed Face Masks | Cheap

You might know that i love sheet masks. But they can be a little expensive when one can cost £2+. So to find a cheap way to pamper my skin i came across compressed masks. Now these masks have nothing on them and you have to add that yourself. But when a 12 pack of them costs 99p and you can buy some toner for as little as £1.50 from boots own range it works out a lot cheaper.

I used the body shop toner i had just sitting in my room, but this was a little to thick for the mask to expand so i had to water it down a little. Unravel the expanded mask, be careful not to pull it or it will rip and apply it like any other face mask. Leave on for 15-20mins.

Doing it this way you can choose what kind of toner you want to use. Before i've used the sanctuary pore refining toner (which i will be reviewing soon) to tighten my pores. So if you have dry, greasy or blemish prone skin you can change it to fit your skins needs.

I bought my pack of 12 from ebay and you can buy the same here.

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