Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Topshop Wish List

Topshop wishlist, wants

 Thought i'd have a little look on the topshop website and while i was there i figured i'd make a wish list of some things i kind of what. They don't have much in at the moment that i want. I edited the background on the photos so it fit with my blogs theme, i didn't do it perfectly, sorry :)

But i need the ice-cream print sleeping t-shirt, in case you didn't know i LOVE ice-cream so i need that. Floral isn't something i normally like or go for, i only own one thing with floral print and that's some leggings, but i liked the dark colours of those floral shorts and figured i'd be able to wear them with a few things i already own. The lilac denim shorts i want because i don't own a lot of clothes with colour and i don't like bright colours, so since they're faded i thought they would be perfect for me.

The slip on shoes would be perfect for summer and they're flatform which i adore. Giving me height without the pain of heals, yes please! The tank top because i need more like it for summer and it's just so very very me.

Are you wanting anything from topshop at the moment?

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