Sunday, 15 June 2014

Patch Work | Nail Art

How to do patch work nail art.

Some nail art this time around, i know it isn't very good but it's the best i could do. This is patch work nail art. It's simple to do. If you're any good at nail art this won't take as long as it did for me. I must say the top coat i used made this nail art last days! Even with showering. It's the Rimmel London nail nurse. 

Steps to patch work nails:

1) Paint base colour
2) Paint on square patches, they will be the patch work.
3) Outline squares with black lines.
4) Add dots onto patches.

I hope you liked this short post, i don't often do nail art and just paint my nails a simple colour. But that time i decided to try something different. It was a lot of colour for me since i normally just paint my nails dark. If you have any nail art that is simple please do leave a link in the comments :)

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