Thursday, 12 June 2014

Skulls and Pugs | Outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

Asos Pug Tights, Creepers outfit

 I finally got around to wearing my pug tights, they're just so adorable! I like how pug faces landed on my knees, sometimes with lights the image doesn't sit the same place it does in photos on the shops website. They are a little long and i did have to keep pulling them up, but that doesn't really matter much to me. For me this is quite a bright outfit, just because there isn't really a lot of black. Which in case you didn't know most of my wardrobe is black. It just suits me so well. Thankfully it's warmer now so i no longer need tights, which makes me happy and also a little sad since i love my tattoo tights.

| Outfit: | Denim Shirt - River Island | Top - NewLook | Shorts - NewLook | Tights - Asos | Creepers - Barretts | Rings - Ebay | Snake Midi Ring - River Island | Sunglasses - River Island |

That's a lot of the things i actually own from river island in one outfit.

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