Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Forever Want | TUK Kitty Shoes

Sometime last year i did a series of posts called Forever Want on some shoes i've always wanted and hope to own one day. Well this year i'll do some posts too. I've added to my forever wants even though i still don't have any of the others. I am soon going to start saving for possibly the cheapest out of them all. 

I can't help but want these and need to add them to my cat clothing collection. They're just so cute and tough at the same time. They are so very much my style. I have a weakness for cute things. They will go with a lot of the clothes i own since first they're black and second most of my clothes are black. I will own a pair one day! TUK please keep making them until i have enough money. They're around the £50 mark but they seam to be very well made.

She Said Beauty

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