Thursday, 10 April 2014

Study Outfit and GreyRay Review

What To Wear To Study

Grey-Ray Review, Pencil Cap, Pencil Holder
What To Wear To Study

 A few weeks ago i got some Grey-Ray* goodies, they got to me very quickly considering they came from Thailand. I found them to be very useful, with the pencil cap you can carry around a pencil without the led breaking, which has happened to me. The pencil extender is fantastic, once a pencil gets to small i stop using them but with this i can carry on using them. The lid also fits on the end to make it even longer. They are made of good quality too. You can also find them on twitter here, i would recommend them and they are friendly people.

If i were to study this is an outfit i would wear. Super comfy and relaxed. I think I've studied twice in the library. Yes I'm a bad student. I also stole my mums socks because i had no white ones. Who has no white socks? Me apparently.

*Even though they were sent to me to review all opinions on my own.

| Outfit: | Cardigan - Ebay | T-shirt - NewLook | Shorts - Asos | Phone Charm - Ebay |

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