Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quick Review | Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine Shampoo

Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine Shampoo Review

 After i got my hair cut short for the first time i switched to this shampoo since i had it just lingering in my room. I figured it was time to use it and get rid of it. Little did i know i would fall in love with this shampoo. It has made my hair a lot better and healthier. It does claim to do that, but for me it did. It leaves it feeling super soft and it really does leave a brilliant shine. I love it so much that now months after using my first bottle i don't want to try any others. I have a draw in my room stocked full of these little bottles. They only come in 75ml since they are takeaways and are supposed to be for travelling i guess. But one bottle lasts me at least a month, possibly more since i have short hair at the moment. I haven't used anything by this brand before since it's a salon brand and figured they would be expensive. I have had some trouble trying to find it in stores which is why i stocked up when my mum noticed them in home bargains. I'm starting to think they have been discontinued, i hope not though.

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  1. I know you used to be able to get these in Boots but not sure if you still can!

    1. That's where i got my first one, but they don't do it anymore. Strange.


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