Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bones Outfit

     |Outfits: | Hat - StyleNanda | Hand Clip - Ebay | Scarf - NewLook | Jumper - Ebay | Leggings - Boohoo | Shoes - Tesco |

 I figured this would be appropriate to post now, since Halloween is here and this outfit has bones. Even though i wore it on a normal day just going to class. These leggings are super thin and you can see through them, so i had to wear tights under. But a least i wasn't cold that day. I've been thinking for ages for something to pair with these leggings, i forgot about this jumper even though it's always hanging of my mirror. I did get a few strange looking in this outfit, which i think is down to the hat. 

I can't resist a hat with ears though. They're just so cute and i must have them all. I have too many beanies already though.

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