Wednesday, 2 October 2013

F&F Wishlist

 | Scarf £5 | Biker Coat £25 | Flatform Sandals £25 | Skull Pumps £12.50 | Scarf Dress £22 | Chelsea Boots £15 | Pug Slippers £7 | Tshirt £12 |

It's not very often i buy or want clothes from tesco, but they have some really nice stuff in at the moment. I might have to buy some. I need a new a/w coat and the biker jacket looks perfect for me since i love biker style clothes. I also need those sandals as they are flatforms and i've seen a few around in different shops and think they would be good for next summer. 

The dress would be perfect for me to wear with my leggings and layer with. To me it's just a long tshirt. Throw on some doc's and a biker jacket for the perfect simple autumn outfit.

Are you liking any tesco clothes at the moment?

She Said Beauty


  1. I love those chelsea boots, the wee splash of blue in them is great!

    Alana Gets Healthy

    1. That's what makes them better than every other chelsea boot.


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