Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A/W Shoe Lust

 I've been needing some new black boots and i've been lusting over these. I love the chunky and cut out trend. They will just make any outfit edgy. I wouldn't be able to get the H&M ones as heals and my feet don't agree. But i can look at them and dream of them right? I've wanted the new looks ones since they first put them up on their website, i'd buy them but i just bought some boots that i'm waiting for.

Chelsea boots i've always wanted, i have to have the flat ones though. I might get them eventually too add to my shoes since i should have some flat ankle boots just in case and i have no black boots.

What have you been lusting after?

She Said Beauty


  1. Yay! Boots!!! I'm starting a new fashion link up and I think you'll enjoy it. It's all about breaking fashion rules. And the first link up is on Oct 10th and it wearing white after labour day! Hope you'll join me :) http://www.modamamablog.com/2013/10/repeat-repeat-repeat.html

    1. Love too. I'll have a look once i get back in tonight :)

  2. i just want all of them honestly!


  3. Love them all! I wanted these ones http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/shoes-430/boots-460/monti-cut-out-leather-boots-2216230?bi=1&ps=200 ...so I just had to get them haha!!

    Erin x


    1. They are nice. Don't you find topshop to be expensive though?


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