Sunday, 20 October 2013

Star Cat | Outfit

    | Outfit: | Top - H&M | Shorts - Asda | Socks - Tesco | Boots - Tesco |

I wore this last week, but i wasn't sure if i'd post it because this is the only photo i took the night i went to karaoke. Which was super fun! I love singing so i enjoyed it. This outfit didn't keep me warm even though i had a jacket on top. It was super cold that night. Need thicker tights maybe? But i wanted to wear this jumper at least once this year, it's very very thin.

So sorry about the photo, but i love this outfit.

She Said Beauty


  1. Such a lovely jumper! Perhaps if you wore a t shirt underneath it you'd be able to get some more wear out of it? xx (Rebecca - UK Style Blogger)

    1. Thanks. I did do, but it still wasn't warm enough. Which is a shame.

  2. Emma,You've got something from wishing to be the best attitude,it's sparkling on your skin this outfit.The cat it's a great point of focus to your fans when you are on the scene.I would like you to visit my blog,too.


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