Saturday, 2 November 2013

3 Concept Eyes Concealer Reveiw

 This is from StyleNanda's makeup range. They're a Korean fashion brand. If that's the right word. They started with just clothes then made makeup. I love their clothes and wish i could have them all, but i don't have enough monies for them. Not with shipping fees. Anyway, once i saw they started their own makeup range i wanted to try at least something from it. What's better than concealer? Nothing for me. 

This works just like any other liquid concealer and just like all the others it doesn't hide everything, i can still see my under eye circles with this. It blends into the skin well. You can't notice you have it on which is good. It has kind of a dewy finish. I was hoping it would be a matte finish.

Mine is in number two i think, which is very light. So unless you're pale like me then this won't work for you. Unless you use it as a highlighter. I've been using it on top of my normal concealer to brighten the area.

This is only 6ml. The packaging has changed. You can buy from their english site here. But it's in dollars and google tells me it's around £11. Or you could try ebay. I found one here.

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  1. Have never heard of this brand , looks very similar to the collection concealer! It's a shame it doesn't hide everything

    Holly ♥

    1. Yeah i was hoping it would be a lot better.


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