Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub Reivew

The photo isn't mine, it's from the Sanctuary site, all i did was make it transparent.

 I've used this quite a few times as i always seem to get the small packets with things. The last one i actually got for free in boots by entering a giveaway. Which was a while ago.

What it says:
Sanctuary Salt Scrub Sachet refines and resurfaces the texture of the skin and leave it super smooth.

 To use this is simple, just rub the salt onto wet skin in circular motions and rinse away. I use it when I'm in the show and feel my skin needs some extra loving. It buffs away all the dry skin you could have, even if you don't notice it. It could feel a little harsh to some people since it is salt and you are scrubbing your skin. But it doesn't harm it in anyway. I have sensitive skin and it's fine for me.

It leaves skill feeling silky smooth and non greasy. It leaves the skin smooth for quite a long time. I used one about two weeks ago and my skin is still smooth, and i haven't used anything else since.

It has jojoba, coconut and almond so it smells amazing. It isn't a strong smell, it's subtle like all other Sanctuary products.

It does leave residue in the bath tub after use, but just rinse it away. It also comes in a big tub which looks like it would last a while.

I would buy the product again as it does an amazing job.  You can buy it from boots here or Sanctuarys offical site here.

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  1. Oooo that sounds lovely, I'll be sure to buy some next time I see it!
    Great review ^^ And I love this little mouse dust on the background!
    ~Rachel xx


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