Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back To School - Collage/Uni - Monochrome

 | Outfit: | Jacket - Ebay | Top - Men's Primark | Leggings - BHS | Shoes - Barrets | Necklaces - Ebay + Gift |

This one is a little but smarter, for those who like to dress smart. I think it's the jacket that makes this outfit appear smart, as the rest of it is just casual clothes. I love to detail to the jacket and it has to be the best thing i've bought on ebay. It's very well made. It does seem to have a brand label but it's in Korean so i don't know what it says.

I'm always on the lookout for long tops that cover the bum so i can wear them with leggings, finding it hard to find them though. Why is that? So i decided just to buy men's t-shirts, they're clearly longer.

Sorry for the first photo, the lighting was really bad in it, i tried to edit the lighting but it didn't help much. Hope you don't mind the glitter around it.

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