Wednesday, 7 August 2013

BarryM Chameleon Colour Change

When i first saw it in boots i was intrigued and had to buy it, so i did without thinking. BarryM are normally a good brand for nail polish. As the title suggests, the polish changes colour once you apply a clear topcoat. Which it does, but not to well. 

In the second photo that's the nail polish on its own, with one coat. The last photo is with a clear nail varnish on top. I couldn't get a good photo of the change, as it isn't that noticeable. It just goes a bit darker. 

I only did the tip with clear vanish on my pinky, so you can see it change.
This does show brushstrokes, which can be annoying. It drys amazingly fast. But it does cheap easy, i went in the shower once and it chipped straight away. Which doesn't happen with other BarryM ones. This colour is 332 Chameleon Lilac.

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