Saturday, 27 July 2013

Manchester Comic Con (Part Three) Vlog

This post is just photos i tuck with people and my vlog. Which isn't the best because i was too distracted by everything.
 Look i met Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Sorry for all the Comic Con posts in a row. This is the last one.  Then i'll do a post on Hyper Japan then back to fashion and beauty stuff.

She Said Beauty


  1. I like posts like this--it's fun to see some lifestyle stuff thrown in with the fashion and beauty.

    So cool that you got to go, one of my friends went to ComicCon here in America and I'm kind of jealous :P

  2. we have cosplayer in singapore too but i don't really go for such event
    anyway it's kinda interesting

    i've just followed you , would like to follow each other?


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