Monday, 5 August 2013

New Find | Balmi Cube Lip Balm

While i was just looking through Tesco not paying much attention i saw this. It intrigued me as it's a cube shape. It reminded me of the EOS one that's quite famous. But since we don't have that in the UK this seems to be a dupe for it.

The smell is amazing. It's a sweet strawberry smell. I saw it in a raspberry one too.
I love that it's SPF 15 and has vitamin e, shea butter and jojoba oil. As i've only just got it i don't know how well it will perform. It does go on nicely and feels nice on the lips. I will update once i've used it for a while.

  She Said Beauty


  1. This is such a cute lip balm! I've been wanting the EOS one for ages but it's quite hard to find. This looks like a great alternative. Definitely gonna go get one of these! :)
    Ra ♥

    1. I've used it for a few week now and it's actually quite good.


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