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What I Actually Packed | Travel

Goth Travel Outfits, Gothic Packing, Alternative Fashion, Nugoth Travel,

Goth Travel Outfits, Gothic Packing, Alternative Fashion, Nugoth Travel,

In the end this is what I ended up taking for 4 nights away. As you can see the backpack I was using is pretty small. However it did fit everything I needed. I knew I'd have to carry it around Hull with me all day before I got on the ferry so I didn't want a big one.

Clothes and accessories I took:
Some items can't be seen in the photos like a cardigan and tights.
  • H&M Shorts
  • Disturbia vest
  • Disturbia forest dress
  • Asos black slip dress
  • Killstar banchee shoes
  • Restyle branches necklace
  • Mysticum Luna pentagram belt

Nugoth Killstar outfit shoes restyle, ootd, goth outfit

  • The body shop camomile makeup remover
  • Yes to cucumbers face wipes
  • Superdrug face mask
  • Sanctuary spa face wash and stop the clock face cream
  • Batiste mini dry shampoo
  • Bleach london shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash
I had my makeup in my everyday back, which only consists of concealer and eyeliner.

To save space roll clothes instead of fold. This is a handy tip when packing for a long holiday. It saves space and you can fit more in. Also to save on the amount you take and to stop over packing create outfits and take those instead. 

For example I picked necklaces etc that I knew would go with all the outfits I packed. 
I knew i was going for 4 nights so i packed 4 outfits. It doesn't look like it but i cam put the vest over one of the dresses to create a slightly different outfit, probably for travelling back home.

The day I was packing and taking these photos the lighting wasn't so great even though I was in front of a window with sun light pouring in. 
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